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He is back

Cena tweeted:

You heard it on #RAW, @WWE Universe. Hell in a Cell vs. @VivaDelRio for the WHC. The Champ is… Back! #EvenStronger

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12 Responses

  1. Adam Senour says:

    Well, that didn’t take long enough for him to heal.

  2. Scott II says:

    Is this an attempt at a Vickie face turn, since she announced it the way she did?!?

  3. WhatIDo says:

    Good ole HGH. Helping guys heal up faster than ever. Good to see John is starting back at the bottom.

  4. jim says:

    Whc for cena? Hm

  5. cas says:

    del rio is just one arm bar away from getting over as a super heel. he’s been viscious the last week. what better way to keep Cena back off camera and put del rio over. I think that is the route they are taking. its the only way that makes any sense

  6. ~J* says:

    That injury couldn’t c him!!!! WORDLIFE!!!!

  7. Sinister says:

    Ugh fine.

  8. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    I still find it hilarious to see adults wearing John Cena apparel…

    “Vince McMahon owns me, WORD LIFE!” – John Cena

  9. Jau says:

    Cena vs. The Rock for the title @ WM XXX. Thrice in a lifetime!

  10. Asterik says:

    I think the plan is for Cena to be cashing-in fodder for Sandow at Hell In A Cell.

  11. Scott II says:

    Actually cas, that could work… then again, I’m sure all the males in the auidence would like that, so that could backfire some

  12. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    I think @cas has the best idea. Have ADR “re-injure” Cena and he can’t make HIC match.

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