Tara on her future, restaurant, TNA experience, and more

Oct 6, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck



Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara) recently spoke with the VOC Wrestling Nation about her upcoming appearance at Legends of the Ring, her new restaurant in Chicago and more. Check out the highlights:

On her new restaurant in Chicago: “This is our third restaurant. We had one in Kentucky and one in Lombard, Ill; we sold both of those and ended up coming back to Chicago. It’s not just a pizza place; we do thin crust (Chicago style), we do brick oven, New York Style, and stuffed burgers. It’s a very, very unique menu.”

On the wrestling theme of her restaurant: “Our place is wrestling themed. I’m there every single night watching wrestling. I get to watch what I love, talk about my passion, eat awesome food, and mingle with the fans. Every night we have wrestling on and feature wrestling related guests. I even named a platter after Gail Kim.”

On her time in TNA and whether she would return: “TNA is out of the question. It wasn’t a good fit for me. I had a great run there, but it was very different from WWE. It made me appreciate WWE a lot.”

On her future in wrestling: “Never say never. I’m 42 and I’m still kicking ass and in better shape than when I was wrestling. It’s in my blood. I’m lucky that I live wrestling at my restaurant. I don’t think I’m done wrestling; I have a lot to give in terms of knowledge and helping other females.”

On working in front of the same crowd each week versus working on the road: “Its apples and oranges. I enjoy going on the road and working different towns. (At TNA) the audience wanted to get more camera time (than the talent). I ended up knowing most of the fans that went there in Orlando. Performing in Madison Square Garden is surreal. I hope some of the TNA talent that has never gotten to do that gets a chance to do it.”

On what’s missing with today’s female talent: “We had Fit Finlay as a trainer and agent. He made us and molded us. He got to know what made us tick, exposed that, and there was nothing we couldn’t do. Today, the girls pick and choose what moves they want to do. If Fit Finlay was around, that wouldn’t happen. We worked stiff. We made contact.”

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