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Bischoff responds to internet reports regarding his TNA contractual status

Eric Bischoff responded via Twitter to internet reports that claimed Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment’s contract with TNA expires next year:

Proving once again that so many wrestling “news” sites are a joke, reports of my (BHE’s) contract w TNA expiring in 2014 is bullsh*t …

But these sites and the scum that live off them by publishing b.s. as fact is nothing new.

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4 Responses

  1. me says:

    Bitchoff and his depraved son should be fired immediately ! They are only heavy sand bags for the embattled struggling TNA company!

  2. you says:

    Fire AJ Styles!

    So TNA`s young talent can pushed rather than buried.
    Also, Styles doesn’t need TNA.

  3. Legend_Killer says:

    Bring back Orlando Jordan, he would be a real boost to the roster!!!

  4. Standards01 says:

    Bischoff if the dirt sheets are lying like your claiming. Produce the information of when your tna contract ends. because you came in around the same time as hogan did. and since hogan’s deal has expired. most everyone can with half a brain figures yours is up sometime in the next few months

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