10/4 WWE house show results from Syracuse, NY

Oct 5, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By Josh Katzker, WrestlingObserver.com

Opening match: Fandango vs Brodus Clay. Brodus def. Fandango with a big splash off the second rope.
Bo Dallas comes out and cuts his typical promo, calling the city Rochester to get heat. No one here knows who he is.
Bo Dallas vs. Curt Hawkins for the NXT Title. During this match, a kid behind me said, “Who cares about this match?” Sums it up, really. Bo wins by pinfall.

Pre-recorded video by the Shield challenging Ziggler, Miz and Big Show to a six-man tag.

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro (no Zeb) come out. Swagger cuts a promo saying the crowd is the reason the government is shut down.
Real Americans vs Prime Time Players. Cesaro teased the giant swing on Darren Young at one point and got a pop. The crowd booed when he didn’t do it. That move is very over. Titus pinned Cesaro for the win.

Miz came out in bandages around his chest and left shoulder. He was also selling his left shoulder. Ziggler came out to a significantly smaller pop than Miz. Poor guy. Big Show comes out next. Justin Roberts reads a note from HHH stating that Big Show must go back to the locker room until the main event and then he’ll sit at ringside because “That’s what’s best for business.” Big Show walks back to the locker room dejectedly. Roberts announces that match is now for the tag titles.

The Shield vs Ziggler and Miz for the Tag Team Titles. Ambrose at ringside. Incredible just how over Miz was with this crowd. He had them “WOO”ing as he did the Nature Boy strut. Reigns and Rollins worked over Miz’s injured shoulder for much of the match. Miz made a hot tag to Ziggler, who dropped ten elbows on Reigns. Ambrose then got on the apron as a distraction and the ref sent him to the back. Miz eventually put Rollins into a figure four which Reigns broke up. Rollins then pinned Miz for the win. After the match, Rollins and Reigns continued to pound Miz and Ziggler until Ziggler managed to grab a chair and run then off.

First match after intermission: Naomi vs Brie Bella. Brie, playing the heel, says she came all the way from sunny California to dance, so she’s going to dance. She proceeded to dance horribly to “It’s Raining Men.” She challenges Naomi to beat her. Naomi starts dancing and Brie attacks her mid-routine. She proceeds to work the whole match as a heel and loses when Naomi rolls her up. Not terrible, but not good.

Kofi Kingston vs Big E Langston. Big E had most of the offense in this one, but Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere for the win.
Justin Roberts plugs The App and introduces the main event. Big Show comes down to sit at ringside. Randy Orton gets a big babyface pop when he is introduced, but it is nothing compared to the reaction Daniel Bryan gets. The crowd absolutely came unglued. The guy’s a legit star.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton. With Big Show at ringside as a glorified cheerleader, Bryan and Orton had a solid back and forth match. Bryan won with the flying knee and then the Shield attacked him. Miz and Ziggler ran i. To make the save, but were fought off. The crowd was chanting for Big Show, but he did nothing until the Shield prepared to triple power bomb Bryan. He then threw Ambrose out of the ring. Miz gave Reigns the skull crushing finale and Ziggler hit Rollins with the fame-asser. The show ended with Big Show teasing the knockout punch on Bryan, but they hugged it out instead.

Nothing special, but a nice evening of entertainment.

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