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  1. Bobbo the Destroyer says:

    wtf?? no! no! no! no!

  2. WhatIDo says:

    He is a real American. Sell out for money to anything….

  3. commentator says:

    He just showed YOU ALL his BACK-SIDE!
    What a great AMERICAN HERO!!!

  4. killpg says:

    whats seen can not be unseen

  5. ~J* says:

    was that the porn tape?

    my eyes…they BURN BROTHER!!!!

  6. Mimura says:

    I’ll quote Booker T and say “TELL ME I DID NOT JUST SEE THAT!”

  7. Ahmad says:

    Thanks to these comments I’m not pressing play

  8. me says:

    Is this the Heather Clem – Bubba the Love Sponge porn tape?

  9. me says:

    missing is Ric Flair! … Whooo, brother! … and the Ron Simmons classic – DA%%!

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