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Identity of new Ethan character in TNA


Pro Wrestling Insider is reporting that the person playing the new character in TNA known as Ethan is former WWE performer Derrick Bateman

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  1. commentator says:

    Very stupid gimmick – ETHAN – an average smart-backside day-today guy, who owns a Maseratti (like couple of hundreds or even k others), has a pretty regular office job, behaves like an egotistical imbecile with his colleagues or … employees … – Is this a wrestling gimmick?
    Seriously, is this a wrestling character?

    Is this guy supposed to be in same ring with the TNA roster? With this particular gimmick and character?

    I thought WWE sucked … but, TNA got worse!

  2. Mr Hoo-ha says:

    Commentator are you a real wrestling fan? You are accusing an office guy not being a wrestling gimmick?

    Do you not even watch wrestling? The place with thugs, cults, attorneys, animals, and all kinds of masked whatevers. Yeah right like somehow anyone with a rational brain thinks Ethan crosses a line?

    Either get real or get a new hobby.

  3. Fisha695 says:

    I was under the impression that it was going to be the indy wrestler known as Ethan HD.

  4. kent says:

    i wonder what his gimmick is going to be as Ethan

  5. IWC Writer says:

    Not too crazy about the vignette or the name (or TNA in general), but I’m a big fan of the former Bateman so I’m glad to see him on TV again.

  6. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Dixie Carnie in three words = Incompetent, plagiaristic lunatic!

  7. ~J* says:

    Git yo ass on the Dixie Train Y’ALL!!!!1!!!

  8. MC Live says:

    I like Derrick Bateman, but I don’t get a) how a guy named “Ethan” is supposed to work b) why TNA feels the need to sign anybody that used to be under WWE contract or c) why TNA does anything that they do at all

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