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Update on Wade Barrett

wade barrett

We noted a few days ago that there had been talk of repackaging Wade Barrett. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that they may be giving Barrett a push as Badnews Barrett.

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  1. Renato says:

    God no!
    He’s World champion material has he is! Why ruin it??

  2. Steven says:

    love it…I can see Badnew Barrett vs. Rowdy Roddy Pipper at WM30, perfect opportunity for hotrod to do his blackface again

  3. Swayze says:

    If they want to push Wade Barrett then just f’in push Wade Barrett. They don’t need to do some convoluted crap with him, just let him fight and talk and most importantly, WIN.

  4. trevh says:

    I know before you say it that’s an old picture
    but he’s doesn’t look too pleased and that wwe have just given him the badnews about his new gimmick

  5. Asterik says:

    I think that the Bad News Barrett gimmick is pretty cool as long as they stick with what he’s been doing in the JBL and Cole show that it will be fine.

  6. Mr Hoo-ha says:

    WWE gives realistic people gimmicks

    Internet losers: Wahhh they’re boring.

    WWE gives more silly gimmicks

    Internet losers: Wahhhh they’re stupid.

  7. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    Steven, I was going that same direction. Bad News was a legit tough guy with medals to prove it. Since they keep pushing Wade’s background as a tough guy with street cred, it should work.

    But please don’t have him coming out with that cape on!

  8. Steven Jackson says:

    I’m English but I’ve never seen anything in Wade Barrett. He annoys me and I just can’t get into the guy. The Wasteland finisher is lame and although he’s ok on the mic, he isn’t World Champion material. He isn’t William Regal and never will be.

  9. Steven Jackson says:

    As is the BullHammer finisher he uses as well. All in all, Wade Barrett is a guy I could do without in the WWE.

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