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The future of TNA


There is a feeling, whether wishful thinking or not, that in some form TNA will survive their current financial woes, if only because Spike TV won’t want to lose the programming. The Carter family would more likely sell it and get at least something out of it than shut it down completely.

The big questions revolve around 2014, including

* who will own it
* if the current or new owners will give it a facelift
* who will remain and the roster, as well as where the television will be taped from and if they will do house shows

credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Craptacular says:

    It must be bought by WWE. I mean it’s the best for bussiness!

    In a certain period of time (before Hogan) TNA was so interesting: 6 sides ring, past wrestling icons and legends, fresh superstars that gives to you new moves and finishers, the amazing X-Division, diferent kind of matches like King of the Mountain, Ultimate X, House of Fun, Terrordome, etc. In that years TNA was something different to watch. Maybe it wasn’t so well known around the country but it was a marketing problem in my opinion.

    One day they got the terrible idea to compete head to head with the WWE and its infinite economical support, against a global well-known wrestling company who defeated the 2 biggest promotions of wrestling history WCW and ECW. So TNA went downhill until this broke-up situation.

    Some fans who criticized 8-4 years ago to TNA wanted a Monday Night Wars once again but those fans forced TNA to change the different option path that it has to only become a fluke. I was a TNA fan form 2005 and I’m saying “WAS” because the TNA of today is nothing but a cheap copy of the WWE wrestling style.

    Nevermid, the only thing left for me is to save the TNA’s wrestling library to revive that amazing moments of those years in the WWE Network.

  2. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    TNA needs to be bought by someone with financial wherewithal ala Mark Cuban.

  3. Matt says:

    WWE buying TNA would not be a good idea because then there would not be an alternative. VInce would not keep TNA going instead he would close shop..take the players he wants and unemploy the other players..

    Right now there is an alternative and that is something that is needed . Yes their ratings have slipped (last week) but for the most part they have been steady as they come and this is actually an accomplishment compared to the WWE which can never get back up to what they once were..

    So many WWE fans forget about that and do not want to talk about that but they lost over 50% of their viewership. Why is this? Could it be because the product has gotten stale? Same story lines? Not enough wrestling but more entertainment?
    Competition is what keeps things interesting and while one can not say (because of ratings) that TNA is not competition it can be said that they are an alternative.

  4. Ian says:

    Best for business would NOT be WWE…how is that best, they would probably shut it down and get rid of a lot of very talented wrestlers.

  5. stevie says:

    This is just someone’s opinion, its not fact.

  6. Bobzilla says:

    I have been hoping a billionaire takes over but gives control to somebody with a good knowledge about the business side of wrestling.

    I mean maybe some oil rich billionaire somewhere grew up on the attitude era and loved it.

  7. Mr. Anti-TNA says:

    Buy them out Vince! Say bye bye TNA. How do you TNA marks feel now?

  8. T says:

    As a WCW fan I had this sick feeling when I felt the end was near. As a TNA fan I don’t have that same sick feeling (yet).

    That being said sell it to Jarrett. Who else is there at this time?

    If Vince gets TNA all you will get is a Best of TNA DVD. With HHH on commentary and a few past TNA stars.

  9. Scott II says:

    What TNA needs to do is do exactly like what WCW did in the early Monday Night Wars.

    You can’t be “better” than the WWE, they just have the “better” product, in terms of production and such.

    You can’t admit you are the #2 promotion, what does that tell people?!?

    They need to go back to being different. Give the people a different product, something different than what the WWE is pushing out. It worked for WCW for a long while there. It can work for TNA. They got a national TV deal, they just need to do what they can to set themselves apart from the WWE

  10. metodaynow says:

    WWE must buy it! … even if it means shutting it down!
    Same scenario as in 2001 with ECW and WCW.

    There is nobody better for TNA. If it is sold to anybody else … it will give it ONLY a temporary boost, it will never be the same, it will change for the worst not for the better. … The more one wants to change things for the better – the more it hurts and causes damage. That is the way things work these times in the United States of America.

    Better WWE buy it. Buy its entire video archives and … maybe, a few stars will get contracts with WWE. Only-way we get a chance to see A.J. Styles or Bobby Roode or … Kazarian, wrestle anybody from the WWE roster.

  11. metodaynow says:

    I hope WWE ends up with huge problems itself!
    Entertainment mixed with decadence and vulgarity never did anybody no good over a longer period of time!

  12. Jim says:

    Um… WCW didn’t really do anything revolutionary, in-ring product wise. the majority of their roster was stars that had already built a name in WWE, regardless of how good they were (anyone that watched in that era has to remember watching weekly no-sell-fests featuring Haku).

    WCW had marketing brilliance. That is where they were different. They broke the cardinal rule of not acknowledging WWE. They stopped acting like #2, even if they were. They had swagger. And it worked. For a while. Then the rock star egos kicked in.

    All these people that think TNA rehashing Attitude Era=success! are so off the mark.

    TNA needs a fresh way to set themselves apart, not more warmed over stuff that’s been done. I can’t say I know what that is. I think they need to find a new way to inject social media into the mix or something.

  13. leg lover j says:

    Mr.Anti-TNA If you think vince is going to buy TNA then you are The Ultitame Mark!!!

  14. AJ Cooper says:

    @Mr. Anti-TNA

    Vince wouldn’t bother buying TNA, because in his opinion, TNA isn’t competition/a threat. Now, should Viacom choose to buy Panda Energy’s stake in TNA, VinnyMac may end up having to eat those words once a Viacom-owned TNA Wrestling starts kicking WWE’s ass. So, depending on what Viacom decides to do, if Viacom decides to buy Panda Energy’s stake in TNA, us TNA “marks” might actually end up laughing in the face of VinnyMac & WWE’s brain-dead fans like you. Then, WWE’s brain-dead fans like YOU be crying your eyes out, because TNA finally has the chance to kick WWE’s ass. So, soon enough, it may be people like me asking you, “How do you like me now?”

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