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TNA draws smallest crowd since taking Impact on the road

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The recent Impact tapings in Little Rock, Arkansas drew about 1,600 fans, the smallest crowd for a taping since they started going on the road, reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  1. Parallax says:


  2. Lockhart says:

    and most were comp tickets

  3. Fisha695 says:

    The sad part though is if you ignore the storylines and look at the actual matches they’re pretty fricken good so when people aren’t going they’re kinda screwing themselves out of seeing well worked matches in person.

  4. Adam Senour says:

    Fisha695: they’re not really screwing themselves, though. They’re refusing to put themselves through the agony of a live Dixie Carter monologue and 15-minute Hulk Hogan soak-up-the-limelight entrance. What would stop them from waiting for a house show and getting the same matches without having to worry about all the other crap? Right now, the house shows are looking better than the TV shows.

    TNA has some great talent, but the problem is that the storylines and the entire presentation impede the in-ring product.

  5. jim says:

    Stick a fork in em

  6. cold says:

    I was that this show And it was a house show type atmosphere. TNA could’ve promoted Tue show better I didn’t hear any promo on our top sports radio station at all. So thats their fault

  7. Really? says:

    But if you checked the website to get tickets, over 2,200 were sold…so the Observer is either lowballing their count or people bought tickets and then didn’t go.

  8. Mr. Anti-TNA says:

    YES! YES! YES!

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