This Day In Wrestling History – September 29th‏

Sep 29, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank


In 1967, the EMLL 34th Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City. Details of the event are sketchy at best, so I have only included the one confirmed match

– Angel Blanco defeats Angel Extreminador in a Mask vs Mask Match

In 2000, the CMLL 67th Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City

– Alan Stone & Moto Cross defeat Mano Negra Jr & Sombra de Plata
– Felino, Antifaz del Norte & Olimpico defeat Sanshiro Takagi, Secret Sansuke & Nosawa
– El Satanico, Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero defeat Atlantis, Villano III & Brazo de Plata
– Gigante Silva, Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Perro Aguayo defeat Scorpio Jr, Shocker, Bestia de Salvaje & Zumbido in a Handicap Match
– Negro Casas defeats Dr Wagner Jr to win the Legend of the Silver Mask

Also in 2000, AAA Verano de Escandalo was held in Madero, Mexico

– Los Vatos Locos (Charly Manson, Nygma, May Flowers & El Picudo) fought Los Vipers (Maniaco, Histeria, Psicosis II & Mosco de la Merced) to a double countout
– Sangre Chicana, El Alebrije, La Parka Jr & Dos Caras Jr defeat El Texano, Pirata Morgan, Espectro Jr & El Cobarde
– Abismo Negro defeats Cibernetico
– Heavy Metal & Perro Aguayo Jr defeat Latin Lover & Hector Garza by DQ

In 2006 the CMLL 73rd Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City

– Alex Koslov, Averno & Mephisto defeat Felino, Sagrado & Ultimo Dragon
– Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr & Rey Bucanero defeat Kenzo Suzuki, Marco Corleone & Olimpico
– Dr Wagner Jr, Groon XXX & Negro Casas defeat Damian 666, Halloween & Mr Aguila
– Atlantis, Tarzan Boy & Ultimo Guerrero defeat Hector Garza, Perro Aguayo Jr & Shocker to win the vacant CMLL Trios Titles
– Mistoco defeats Black Warrior in a Mask vs Mask Match

Title Changes

1936 – Dean Detton defeats Ed Lewis in the final of a tournament to win the World Heavyweight Title

1992 – Scott Steiner defeats Ricky Steamboat to win the WCW Television Title

1998 – on Raw, D’Lo Brown defeats X-Pac to win the WWF European Title

2003 – on Raw, Rob Van Dam defeats Christian in a Ladder Match to win the WWE Intercontinental Title

2012 – Shuji Kondo defeats Yoshinobu Kanemaru to win the GHC Junior Heavyweight Title


Happy birthday to former WWF wrestler David Sammartino (53), one-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Togi Makabe (41) and former WWE and ECW Tag Team Champion Yoshihiro Tajiri (43)

Also, today would have been the birthday of territory era star Skandor Akbar (79)

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