9/28 ROH house show results from Hopkins, MN

Sep 29, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Adam Cole opened the show with a promo, where he promised to hold the ROH world title forever. When he called Jay Briscoe a bitch, that brought Jay out, who chased Cole from the ring and promised to take the title the first chance he got.

1. reDragon beat Monster Mafia. Mafia really impressed me. They’re going to go far in the company. A group of hecklers in the front row got to Bobby Fish, who finally had to tell them to shut up and let everybody enjoy the show. Possibly match of the night. Mafia looked like they were going to win on a pair of occasions, but the champs got the win with Chasing the Dragon.

2. Mark Briscoe beat Silas Young. Ok match. Briscoe had the Redneck Kung Fu out in full effect. Pins Young with a sunset flip off the top rope, but is beat down by the Last Real Man afterwards.

3. Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin beat Adrenaline RUSH. A lot of comedy and awkward timing to start things off, but they eventually picked up in a big way. Teased Elgin coming off the top a couple of times until he finally did, but it was the Spinning Elgin Bomb that got the win.

4. Mark Briscoe won the Honor Rumble. The surprises here were Delirious, who lasted probably 20 seconds and Cheeseburger. Final four were Briscoe, Fish, Lethal and Matt Taven. Fish thought he had Briscoe eliminated, and then tossed Lethal and Taven together and started celebrating, giving Mark enough time to regather himself and after a minute or two toss Fish to win the title shot tonight.


5. Michael Bennett beat Eddie Edwards. Good match. Bennett picked up the win with the piledriver.

6. Kevin Steen beat Jimmy Jacobs. Insane match. It was short, but just high intensity from bell to bell. Jacobs hit a spear on the apron that took Steen into, but not through, the ringside table. Steen got the win with the Package Piledriver. After the match, Maria came back and mocked him on the mic, allowing Bennett to sneak up on him and hit the piledriver, before also attacking Jacobs.

7. Matt Taven beat Davey Richards and Roderick Strong. Some comedy early on, as the Hotties (no Truth) were not appreciative of Davey trying to touch them. The match built and despite some of the trappings of three ways, was going well by the end. Richards had Taven in the ankle lock, but as Scarlett distracted the referee, Seleyzia climbed in and tried to pick up Richards, only for that to get reversed into an ankle lock for her troubles. Taven was able to roll up Richards for the win and the retention.

8. Adam Cole beat Mark Briscoe. Jay tried to get involved in the beginning. A little heavy on the Redneck Kung Fu at parts, but it eventually picked up in intensity. Cole again went for the Jay Driller, but it was blocked, and Mark hit it himself, but Cole was able to put a foot on the rope. Cole picked up the win with I THINK the Florida Key, but for some reason, I’m completely blanking on the finish. After the match, Elgin ran Cole off from in the ring, where he ran into Jay Briscoe in the crowd. Briscoe fought off several of the trainees and ring crew, before Elgin cut a promo with the title belt to end the show.

Overall, as someone who had never been to an ROH show before, I had a great time. The matches were almost all good to great.


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