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Video: Dixie Carter drops a bombshell on Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles

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  1. hunter hearst hombre says:

    what a f***ing trainwreck of a company.
    just get rid of that old hag she doesn’t know
    nothing about wrestling. what an embarrassment.

  2. ~J* says:

    Y’alls get on team Dixie! Yeeeehaaaaaw!!!

  3. Stunning Steve says:

    They should bring Paula Deen in to feud with her. She has free time now.

  4. Phenomenal1 says:

    Dixie Carter as an annoying, power tripping, down home Southern bitch? I can’t buy into it. In the first place, she shouldn’t even be on TV.

  5. Discount-double-check says:

    Why do TNA fans argue when people say that TNA is copying WWE. I mean, seriously, she damn near said it was “best for business”.

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