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WWE interested in New Japan talent


In Japan it’s been reported that Sweet T was making $100,000 a year with New Japan, and to lure him away, WWE offered $400,000 and that WWE is after Prince Devitt and Karl Anderson (pictured above).

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Jamie says:

    Not convinced that Devitt would fit in the WWE, but I’ve been wrong before

    On the other hand, Anderson seems like a natural fit. Big guy, good in the ring, decent-if-not-better on the mic

  2. Matt says:

    I never understood “fit” arguments. Sorry people wrestling is still wrestling. The differece between products is not something anyone truly can’t easily fit into. Within a few months any wrestler has always shown the ability to get used to the little covenants of a specific company given how small they are.

    It be one thing if said person was going from singing on stage to performing magic, but just going from wrestling at one pace to wrestling at another pace, is hardly anything that big. Given the many different moves and variations of sequences there are, it’s just silly to think someone couldn’t adjust given a month or so.

    Unless this person is the type who likes to pretend someone like Sin Cara has never fit into WWE, or an MMA fighter has never fit into a wrestling ring. But these aren’t even valid and are just internet bs.

  3. mrjoshdude says:

    I see a Devitt/Sheamus tag team in the future. The celtic warriors or something along those lines. WWE is too gimmicky not to bring another irishman to the fold and not put em together somehow

  4. Mimura says:

    Devitt might work if they do the right thing with him, maybe even bring back the cruiserweight division……but that’s a long shot, but they do have an awesome roster of cruisers in the WWE/NXT to make it happen. Heck while they’re at it, bring over Alex Shelley dammit!
    Machine Gun would be awesome in WWE, he’s a fast Heavyweight that can put on great matches. Maybe have Sweet T do a heel turn and team up with Anderson for a reunion (even tho I doubt WWE would talk about that, maybe in future ppvs as a mini fact spouted out by JBL)

  5. Meh says:

    They would mostly likely end up as jobbers since no Japanese born wrestler has made it to the Main Event.

    Yokozuna? (He was a Samoan born in the US that was billed as being from Polynesia which is in the Oceania continent.)

  6. Drew says:

    Prince Devitt is amazing, and deserves a shot in WWE. His matches with Bryan would be incredible.

    Karl Anderson is awesome too. I would love to see him reunite with Tensai in WWE.

  7. N. Gaijin says:

    Did you read their names? Neither man is Japanese. They’re both very over gaijin wrestlers in Japan, much like “Sweet T” Tensai.

    I’d be excited if either guy gets picked up by WWE, but over the moon if both did. I think either one of them has a place they can fill in the company and could easily take WWE to new heights if utilized properly. As it stands, just having them in NXT would be pretty incredible.

  8. Ryan says:

    “They would mostly likely end up as jobbers since no Japanese born wrestler has made it to the Main Event. ”

    … they’re from Ireland and America, but you go with that.

  9. Meh says:

    @ N. Gaijin & Ryan

    I was talking about New Japan’s Japanese talent (which we don’t know if WWE are also interested in as well) not Prince Devitt and Karl Anderson since this news topic was called “WWE interested in New Japan talent”.

    True, Karl Anderson and Prince Devitt aren’t Japanese wrestlers.

  10. Jau says:

    Another 2 good talents will be wasted. :(

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