SPOILERS: Impact taping results for 10/3

Sep 27, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


Jeff Hardy & Manik b Kenny King & Chris Sabin – Hardy pinned King with the swanton. King bled again hardway as he did earlier in the show.

Austin Aries then issued a challenge for a four-way at Bound for Glory with Aries vs. Sabin vs. Manik vs. Hardy. Hardy then said it should be an Ultimate X match for the title.

Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher with the winner getting a shot at ODB saw Le’D Tapa attack Sky and Tessmacher walk out. The match never started.

A.J. Styles did an interview. He said that he appreciated what Hulk Hogan did but Dixie Carter showed her true colors. He owed to win the title since he hadn’t had a title shot in a year. Bully Ray said that Styles can’t win because Carter is in his head.

Next is Magnus in a gauntlet against EGO

Magnus b Daniels with the Falcon arrow

Magnus b Kazarian with the camel clutch

Roode b Magnus with the ankle lock

Sting came out and Magnus started arguing with him. Magnus was throwing a fit and Sting said to go to the back where they can talk about it. Magnus refused. Magnus talked about quitting saying this is a results driven business and he’s not giving the results. This set up a Sting vs. Magnus match where Sting talked about how in one night Ric Flair put him on the map. Well, Sting isn’t Ric Flair of 1988 and Magnus isn’t the Sting of 1988 either.

Samoa Joe b Bully Ray via DQ. Joe put on the choke and Ray tapped out but ref Earl Hebner was down. Bully then hit Joe with a chain but Hebner revived in time to see it and called for the DQ. Ray teased giving Joe a piledriver on the floor but Styles made the save.

Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan finished the show. Carter asked Hogan if he was going to be behind her. Hogan said that was a great deal for somebody else, but then he said he was quitting the promotion. Carter got on her knees and was holding Hogan’s leg trying to keep him from leaving the ring. Carter freaked otu that Hogan quit.

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