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Sep 25, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

September 26, 2013
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “Work is a thing” Witner

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Here’s what you need to know about NXT:

-The NXT Champion is Bo Dallas. He defeated Big E. Langston on June 13 after teasing a heel turn on May 16. Bo’s character has evolved into this delusional guy who thinks the fans love him when they hate him almost as much as people hate Cena.

-They also have Tag Team Champions, Corey Graves and Adrian Neville, who defeated The Family on July 18. Neville had previously been champions with Oliver Grey, but Grey was injured by The Family. Graves and Kassius Ohno were #1 Contender’s to the titles, but The Family injured Ohno.

-Paige is the first ever Woman’s Champion. She captured the belt on July 25 defeating Emma in the finals of a grueling tournament, which was not held in Rio De Janero.

-Sylvester Lefort’s men, Alexander Rusev and Scott Dawson are feuding with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy over who is The Most Real Guys In NXT. Meanwhile all four of them are somehow also feuding with Mason Ryan.

-Zeb Colter is trying to deport Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze is a model, Bayley is a mark and Emma dances. What more could you want?

-Dusty Rhodes is the Authority Figure, but his job title seems to change from week to week.

-The announce team is constantly rotating with some combination of Tony Dawson, William Regal, Brad Maddox, Alex Riley and Tom Phillips

And that’s everything you need to know about NXT. (Now we know!) (And knowing is half the battle) (G.I. Joe!)

-So before we start this week, I want to say “Whoo hoo!”. After the current run of shows gets aired, I will never again have to listen to Tony Dawson.

-Earlier today Tyler Breeze walked up to Raw General Manager Brad Maddox, who just happened to be backstage, with a fabulous idea. Before he could say it, in walked CJ Parker. Apparently both men want to be in Tag Team Turmoil despite not having partners. Brad apparently has NXT power when he barely has Raw power, as he put the two of them in the Gauntlet as a team.

1.) The Ascension won Tag Team Turmoil to become #1 Contender’s to the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Match #1: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs Tyler Breeze & CJ Parker

So will this Tag Team Turmoil be better than the one before Night of Champions? Amore said they were on a roll like toilet paper. They pointed out that the rest of the NXT tag division is “S-a-w-f-t sawft”.

The fans love Breeze, Amore and Cassidy, all of whom are heels, while Parker is disliked despite being a baby face, chanting “fruity pebbles” at him.

Tyler Breeze sat on the ring steps and pouted as the match started. Parker was on a roll until Breeze demanded a tag, Parker flipped him off, so he got hit with a Catatonic by Cassidy for the pin

Match #2: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs The French Legionnaire (Alexander Rusev and Scott Dawson w/Sylvester Lefort)

I wonder if Scott will be able to concentrate after the departure of his twin brother from another mother, Tony.

I love both of these teams. Neither Dawson or Amore ever get any offense, unless they are both in the ring, so it is up to their larger partners to do the heavy work for their team. Dawson laid out Enzo with a Spinebuster, but Amore pinned Dawson with a surprise small package!

After the match, Rusev beat the hell out of both Cassidy and Amore.

Match #3: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs The Ascension

Welp, the match so far has been equal to NOC, but they had the excellent final and this is the last match in Tag Team Turmoil. At least we go to a commercial break and not get a 7 second squash finish.

Tom Phillips goes on and on about how Amore and Cassidy are terribly winded after their two grueling matches, which so far have totaled 6 minutes. William Regal made up for it, by calling him “Tony” and then saying “you all look the same to me”.

Ascension gets the heat on Colin until Conor runs into the big boot of Cassidy. We get the hot tag and, of course, Enzo gets beaten down without getting any offense in.

Ascension became #1 contender’s with Total Elimination.

2.) Sasha Banks (w/Summer Rae) pinned Bayley

Renee Young makes her debut behind the desk for this match as the love of my life goes one on one with NXT’s biggest mark.

Sasha is mad because the fans are chanting for Bayley. Don’t worry, I am cheering for you. Banks explodes out of the corner with slaps to the chest.

Sasha with a rear chin lock that Bayley rolled back and got a 2 count, Banks almost got the pin with a suplex, which reminds me of Survivor Series 2002 when Victoria pinned Trish with that very same move.

Bayley fired back, but got slapped in the chest, Sasha missed a Stinger Splash and Bayley almost got the pin with the Hugging Belly to Belly Suplex, which Alex Riley apparently has named the Hug-plex.

Sasha won with the Rude Awakening.

-After the match Summer announces that next week Fandango will be here and now her and Sasha will be the most dominant females in NXT. To be fair there are only 5 Diva’s on the show.

Down ran Emma, who shockingly did not dance her way to the ring. Anyhoo, those two ran off.

-We get a commercial for the return of Season 4 winner Fandango aka Johnny Curtis aka Dirty Curty.

2.) Aiden English pinned Bull Dempsey

Aiden sings his promo again. Again he says he will put the E in WWE, while again I mention that Antonio Cesaro wanted to put the W in WWE to no avail.

Bull Dempsey actually gets in a little offense. And by “a little offense” I mean he got in a shoulder block.

Aiden with the Bowing Legdrop and the Side Effect for the win.

The fans chanted “encore”, so Aiden sang on his way out.

Bull used to be Smith James…whoever the hell that is.

-Backstage Summer is trying to leave when Renee Young runs into her. Summer said next week she will team with Fandango to face Emma and whatever schmo Emma could find to team with her.

3.) Sami Zayn pinned El Local

Ricardo Rodriguez…I mean El Local is back! We haven’t seen him since March. Sami Zayn is back, who won last week. If he wins this week that’s two in a row. If he wins next week that’s called a winning streak. It has happened before.

Ricardo gave himself away by smacking Sami in the back of the head and screaming “the Ole song” at him.

Local got enough offense to claim it wasn’t a squash match, so Sami won with a Yakuza Kick. As Sami celebrated you could see someone in the audience wearing an El Generico shirt.

-After the match, we are joined by YOUR NXT Champion, Bo Dallas.

Bo announced that he is happy Sami is listening to his mentor (him) and no Bo is fully heeled after being injured by Sami at SummerSlam Axxess.

Bo announces that next week will be the Bo Dallas Invitational where if you can beat the champ, then in three weeks you will get a shot at the title. Don’t stop Bo-lieving.

Sami politely interrupts Bo’s singing and announces he will be the first one to sign up for the Bo Dallas Invitational and wants the match now.

Bo tells him that he needs to learn respect and you don’t interrupt the champion. One day Sami may have his own following, as the fans tell him to shut up.

Bo announces that Sami is banned from the Bo Dallas Invitational.

-Backstage Brad Maddox is talking to someone on the phone when Kassius Ohno and his new body walks in and asked why he has been off NXT. Brad points out that The Wyatt Family kicked his ass.

Kassius says he has been cleared for weeks. Brad calls him a D+/C- player and that They are keeping him on the sidelines. I didn’t know Immortal had reformed. Someone inform Gunner.

Brad gives him a match next week vs one member of the Wyatt Family.

-Moving on to what is good for business, the main event segment is Triple H cutting a promo. Apparently the first 20 minutes of Raw just aren’t enough. I would like to point out that Hunter got, at best, the same reaction as Sami Zayn did for his match.

Hunter points out that if something happened to the main roster they could just fill all those spots with everyone here. You know, he should say that to the guys who mutiny on Raw.

Hunter turns his attention to the Rhodes Family and specifically the GM of NXT: Dusty. Hunter says that he has given Dusty some time off from his duties as GM. He doesn’t want his emotions to cloud his judgment. Of course Big Show’s fist could also cloud his judgment.

Hunter introduces the new Interim GM of NXT: John Bradshaw Layfield.

Sadly JBL doesn’t come out in a limo. Not that there would have been room for it, but still.

JBL says that NXT is the future of this business, but tells some fan to shut up ad not to sing along with him. Replacing some fat guy who can’t talk with him is good for business.

The show finishes with JBL welcoming us to the NXT Era of the Wrestling God.

-And that is it for this week. Until next time…who will answer the Bo Dallas Invitational?!?!?!

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