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WWE served in belt replica lawsuit

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World Wrestling Entertainment has been served with the lawsuit filed against them by the Figures Toy company. The suit claims that WWE illegally ended their licensing deal to produce and sell replica championship belts so that they could sign a deal with a manufacturer in Hong Kong. The company has until 9/24 to respond.


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  1. WhatIdo says:

    Does this bother anyone else? Linda McMahon’s senate run was partially based around job creation and that it should not be in the hand of the government, but that small businesses create jobs.
    Then here they go not supporting a company that started as a small business and is still based in the US but is now attempting to sign with a manufacturer in Hong Kong. It’s not exactly new that the McMahons are hypocrites, but this just disappoints me.

  2. Dragon says:


    I simply ask have you ever taken a politician at their word.

    Im sure if she won the senatethis wouldnet be happening due to the added income of her run it would be worth the cost to keep her looking good.

    To me this only shows that she seriously done with her political career, If anything i can see this as a cost cutting measure for the mcmahons to make an attempt to cover the loss of money from lindas campaign.

    yes i understand that cheaper belts will not make up for a multimillion dollar campaign but wwe is notorious for cutting corners and with the way they profit now it clearly has some success behind it

  3. Bobbo the Destroyer says:

    Yeah, like the difference in cost due to manufacturing the belts in the US would really hurt the McMahon family… I’m sure the cost of Linda’s campaign didn’t hurt them much either, they’re billionaires. This is simply another corporate dick move where the companies don’t care about anything but increasing their profit margins by any means necessary.

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