9/20 TNA house show results from El Paso, TX

Sep 21, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

1. Hernandez beat Joseph Park. Hernandez was way over and the crowd was split on Park. Park attempted to shake hands with Hernandez multiple times. Back and forth match with Hernandez doing his usual top rope and springboard shoulder blocks. Hernandez won with a Top Rope Splash. After the match, Park and Hernandez raised each other’s arms.

2. ODB defeated Lei’D Tapa to retain the Knockouts Championship. ODB played defense most of the time and had attempted to get the larger woman up for her finisher and eventually hit it to win.

3. Manik beat Eric Young to retain the X Division Championship. EY started the match trying to get a tag from Manik, who gave in, and Young attempted to start wrestling the ref. EY then played referee and made him wrestle Manik. After a back and forth match, Manik beat EY with his gutbuster finisher.

4. James Storm and Gunner beat Bad Influence in a Texas Tornado match to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Before the match, Daniels and Kazarian both cut a heel promo and got good heat. Storm and Gunner quickly overpowered Kazarian and Daniels. Eventually, Kaz and Daniels took control and double teamed Gunner. Storm and Gunner got over and they hit a double team move on Kazarian and pinned him to win.

During the intermission, Brian Hebner signed autographs.

5. Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode. Roode got good heat. Aries got a loud pop. Really good back in forth match and Aries emulated Eddie Guerrero’s top rope taunt for Eddie’s hometown crowd and hit a Frog Splash for a nice close fall. Eventually Aries revered a suplex for a roll up to win.

6. Bully Ray pinned Samoa Joe to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Joe got the best reaction of the night and Ray got great heat. Fun match with Ray hitting Joe with his chain after the ref went down, and pinned Joe to win. After the match, Ray tried to hit Joe with the title belt, and Joe came back and kicked Ray out of the ring.

credit: Pro Wrestling.net

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