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Report: Cox Cable offering refunds for Night of Champions


by Adam Martin,

Cox Cable is reportedly offering refunds to wrestling fans who purchased the WWE Night of Champions PPV this past Sunday night. According to a report by Dave Scherer, fans calling Cox Cable cited they were upset about the finish of the PPV being overturned the following night on RAW with WWE COO Triple H stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE Championship. A phone call made to Cox Cable confirmed that refunds were offered to all who called.

When reached for comment, WWE issued the following statement:

“While certain fans may not have liked the continuing storyline following Night of Champions, we’re certain that the 3-hour pay-per-view event delivered all the entertainment and excitement expected from WWE.”


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6 Responses

  1. Meh says:

    Those fans are most likely the ones that gave Night of Champions a F.

  2. @Meh – Those fans are people who don’t know that wrestling is scripted entertainment.

  3. Shacoria J says:

    Basically wwe is saying Cox Cable is paying you back we are not.

  4. Jempires One says:

    If Cox refunds them, WWE doesn’t get paid either. And you know what? Wrestling is fake but I don’t blame people. It’s lazy booking to pull the rug out from under Bryan two PPVs in a row. To have a finish and reverse it the next night.

    WWE has done an AWFUL job creating new stars- they give people pushes but it never lasts… guys like Ziggler and Rhodes will never be given “real main event” pushes.

    Yet we’ll get 1000 weeks of the same Randy Boreton just because he’s “in” with management. He doesn’t draw a lick any more than anyone else would. When he was a baby face leading Smackdown, they had to add Cena to TVs just to help spike the attendance. FACT!

  5. YabbaDabbaB says:

    Good for them. Scripted or not it’s still lazy and annoying when WWE does that next day reversal or stripping of titles all the damn time.

  6. Mr. Black says:

    Morons. Do these people know how wrestling works? We obviously live in a different time. When I was a young kid it would suck when the babyface would drop the title the next day or next week. We dealt with it, never asking for a refund. That would never even cross my mind. It’s like a little kid crying because they didn’t get their way.

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