9/19 Impact Wrestling Recap: New champion crowned

Sep 19, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Impact opens with Magnus backstage. He talks about his loss last week, and Bobby Roode walks up. Roode says Magnus can only blame himself and Magnus shoves Roode against a wall. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian attack Magnus from behind, and E.G.O. beats down Magnus.

We then see the “Previously on Impact Wrestling” video package, which focuses on Bully Ray defeating Mr. Anderson and then transitions into A.J. Styles calling out Dixie Carter after he won the Bound for Glory Series.

Magnus’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He says he is in some pain and he hasn’t been able to eat for a week because of his loss in the Bound for Glory Series last week. He says A.J. Styles is the best in the business and he wishes him luck at Bound for Glory. He says he is out here to address E.G.O. He says he challenges one of them to a fight and Kazarian answers the challenge. Magnus beats down Kazarian in the corner and Christopher Daniels comes out to help Kazarian. Magnus causes Kazarian to clothesline Daniels and then tosses Kazarian out to the floor. Magnus beats down Daniels in the corner before Bobby Roode gets involved. The three members of E.G.O. begin the triple-team beat down on Magnus before Sting and Samoa Joe save Magnus. Sting says they want E.G.O. in a Six-Man Tag Team Match later tonight.

We take a look back at last week’s Impact, where A.J. Styles won the Bound for Glory Series and called out Dixie Carter. We see that Styles and Carter will talk face-to-face later tonight.

We also see that Jeff Hardy and Manik will go one-on-one later tonight. Manik is backstage with Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky. Sabin says it took guts for Manik to challenge Hardy. Sabin says if he hadn’t cashed in the X Division title earlier this year, Manik might not even be here with a contract and wishes him good luck.

Match #1: Jeff Hardy vs. Manik
Hardy takes control of the match early on. Hardy plants Manik in the corner and goes for the swinging dropkick, but Manik moves out of the way. Manik delivers a drop-toe hold and sends Hardy into the ropes. Manik goes for the springboard dropkick, but Hardy moves out of the way. Hardy goes to the top and dives onto Manik. Hardy goes for the cover, but Manik kicks out at two. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Manik counters with a kick to the head. Manik goes for the cover, but Hardy kicks out at two. Hardy comes back and delivers the Twist of Fate and goes up top. Hardy hits the Swanton and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Jeff Hardy.
After the match, Chris Sabin gets into the ring and raises Manik’s hand. Sabin goes to leave, but then turns around and cheap shots Manik. Sabin stomps away on Manik before Hardy makes the save.

We see Dixie Carter arriving to the arena as we head to a commercial.

We see Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky backstage. Someone asks him why he attacked Manik, and he says Manik is the most disrespectful person ever and he is going to earn everyone’s respect.

Match #2: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match – Mickie James (c) vs. ODB
James and ODB go back and forth for a bit before ODB slams James out of the corner and gets the pin fall.
Winner and NEW TNA Women’s Knockout Champion: ODB.
After the match, The Bro-Mans come out and trash talk ODB, Eric Young, and Joseph Park. Robbie E challenges Young to a match.

Match #3: Eric Young (w/Joseph Park and ODB) vs. Robbie E (w/Jesse Godderz)
Robbie E comes off the ropes, but Young grabs him and gets the very quick roll-up for the pin fall.
Winner: Eric Young.
After the match, Robbie gets pissed and challenges Joseph Park to a match as we go to a commercial.

Match #4: Joseph Park (w/Eric Young) vs. Robbie E (w/Jesse Godderz)
In the same fashion as the match before, Park catches Robbie in a quick roll-up and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Joseph Park.
After the match, The Bro-Mans attack Young and Park from behind. They double-team Young while Park is on the outside. We see Park has been busted open and he snaps. He drops the Bro-Mans with a double-clothesline. He chokeslams Jesse and delivers the Black Hole Slam to Robbie.

We take a look back to last week, when Bully Ray defeated Mr. Anderson and effectively removed him from the Aces and Eights. We see Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher walking backstage as we head to a commercial break.

We see Hulk Hogan backstage. He walks up to Dixie Carter and says he can help her out and handle A.J. Styles. She says she’s got this and walks away.

Aces and Eights’ music hits and Bully Ray leads the group to the ring. Ray grabs a microphone and cuts a promo. He asks the crowd if they know who he is. He says he is only the World Heavyweight Champion because of one person. He claps Garett Bischoff, Knux, and Wes Brisco on the shoulder, but then thanks Brooke. The three guys ask him if he is serious. Brisco gets in his face and Ray shuts him up. Ray says Brooke is his girl and tells Wes to not even look at her anymore. Bischoff says Brisco has a point. Bischoff says ever since Brooke came along Ray’s priorities have been way out of line. Ray tells Bischoff to never bow up to him again. Ray tells Brisco and Bischoff that he will smack them in the face if they ever get out of line again. Knux grabs the mic and asks if Ray will slap him in the face. Knux says when they started, they had 25 members, and now they’re down to four. Knux said the club is all about Bully Ray’s business now. Knux says the club is supposed to be ‘Bros before Hoes,’ and Ray shoves him. Ray says if Knux ever steps out of line again or if he ever calls Brooke a hoe again, he will knock his head off. Knux gets serious and gets in Ray’s face, and Ray and Brooke leave the ring.

We see Sting, Samoa Joe, and Magnus backstage. Sting says they may be down in numbers, but they are still the Main Event Mafia. Joe tells Magnus not to forget who he is, and they all walk away as we head to a commercial.

Match #5: Gunner vs. Hernandez
Gunner gets the win after a back-breaker.

Match #6: Six-Man Tag Team Match – The Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Organization (Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian) vs. The Main Event Mafia (Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Sting)
Daniels and Joe start the match. Daniels backs Joe into the corner and delivers a few right hands. Daniels sends Joe into the other corner and charges, but Joe counters and slams Daniels to the mat. Joe drives a knee into Daniels in the corner and then kicks him in the face. Daniels gets away and rolls to the outside as Kazarian and Roode check on him. Daniels tags in Kazarian, who gets taken down by Joe. Magnus decks Kazarian and Joe tags Magnus into the match. Magnus takes Kazarian down with a big boot and goes for a cover, but Kazarian kicks out at two. Magnus drops Kazarian with a right hand and tags in Sting. Sting takes Kazarian down with a dropkick. Sting follows Kazarian to the outside and tosses him into the steel steps. Sting tosses Kazarian back into the ring and stomps away on him. Sting delivers an atomic drop to Kazarian and takes Daniels and Roode off the apron. Kazarian sends Sting into the ropes, and Daniels trips Sting. Daniels attacks Sting on the outside as we head to a commercial.
We’re back and E.G.O. is still in control. Kazarian gets Sting in the corner and Daniels and Roode connects with some cheap shots. Kazarian tags in Daniels, who takes Sting down with a spin kick. Daniels gets Sting in a headlock and then tags in Kazarian. Kazarian delivers a leg-drop and goes for the cover, but Sting kicks out at two. Sting gets free and tags in Magnus as Roode tags in as well. Magnus dives onto Roode and gets a two count before Daniels breaks up the count. The match breaks down and Roode nails Magnus with the baseball bad behind the referee’s back. Roode goes for the cover and gets the pin.
Winners: The Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Organization.

A.J. Styles comes to the ring. He begins to run down Dixie Carter. He says she broke up the chemistry of TNA when she came around. He said guys like Petey Williams and Jay Lethal aren’t in TNA because she had to bring in guys who did absolutely nothing for two years and then went back to where they came from. He says the biggest mistake Dixie made was keeping him around. He says he is going to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and then will make her get on her knees and beg him. Dixie comes to the ring and tells her to say something. Dixie says for Styles to come out here and say these things that he truly means them. She says she is sorry. Dixie says she holds herself accountable for everything involved with TNA. She says she owes A.J. an apology and says she is so sorry that she ever allowed A.J. to think that he is important in the company. She says Styles is just a little bit better than any other fish in the pond. Dixie says she can’t remember the last time A.J. had a five-star match. Dixie says A.J. is subpar and is nothing like he used to be. Dixie says she is thankful to A.J. for allowing her to come into HER ring on HER show and to respond to A.J. Dixie says she hopes they are on the same page now. Dixie says without her dad, A.J. would still be in the trailer. Dixie says she built the house that is TNA and A.J. is lucky to have ever gotten to play in it. Styles tries to say something, but Dixie has his mic cut off and says the show is over. The lights go out in the arena to end things.

Quick Results:
1. Jeff Hardy def. Manik
2. ODB def. Mickie James to win the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
3. Eric Young def. Robbie E
4. Joseph Park def. Robbie E
5. Gunner def. Hernandez
6. The Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Organization def. The Main Event Mafia in a Six-Man Tag Team Match

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