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Sep 18, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank


In 1981, the EMLL 48th Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City

– Fuerza Guerrera defeats Negro Casas
– Halcon Ortiz defeats Herodes in a Mask vs Hair Match
– Vengador lost a 3-Way Mask vs Mask Match to Espectro Jr & Supermo

In 1987, the CMLL 54th Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City. The event doubled as the Gory Guerrero Retirement Show

– Mogur defeats As Charro in a Mask vs Mask Match
– Pirata Morgan defeats Tony Salazar in a Hair vs Hair Match
– Eddy Guerrero & El Hijo Del Santo defeat El Gladiator Jr & El Dandy
– MS-1 & El Satanico defeat Ray Mendoza & Kung Fu

In 1992, the CMLL 59th Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City

– Aja Kong & Kyoko Inoue defeat Xochitl Hamada & Kaoru Maeda. This was the first recorded womens match on a CMLL/EMLL Anniversary show
– Love Machine, Ultimo Dragon & Vampiro defeat Black Magic, Negro Casas & Pirata Morgan
– El Dandy defeats El Satanico in a Hair vs Hair Match
– The Great Kabuki, La Fiera & Pierroth Jr defeat Rayo de Jalisco Jr, Atlantis & King Haku

In 1994, WCW Fall Brawl was held in Roanoke, Virginia

– Johnny B Badd defeats Lord Steven Regal to win the WCW Television Title
– Kevin Sullivan defeats Cactus Jack in a Loser Leaves WCW Match
– Steve Austin wins the WCW United States Title by forfeit, as Ricky Steamboat is forced to retire through injury
– Jim Duggan defeats Steve Austin to win the WCW United States Title
– Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma) defeat Stars n Stripes (The Patriot & Marcus Alexander Bagwell) to retain the WCW World Tag Team Titles
– The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags), Dusty Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes defeat Terry Funk, Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck & Colonel Robert Parker in a WarGames Match

In 1998, the CMLL 65th Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City

– Virus & Halcon Negro Jr defeat Sendero & Oriental
– Steele, Universo 2000 & Dr Wagner Jr defeat Rayo de Jalisco Jr & The Headhunters (A & B)
– El Hijo Del Santo, Atlantis, La Fiera & Negro Casas defeat Fuerza Guerrera, Villano III, Scorpio Jr & Bestia Salvaje
– Ricky Santana defeats Apolo Dantes in a Hair vs Hair Match
– Cien Caras, Emilio Charles Jr & Mascara Ano 2000 defeat Kevin Quinn, La Boricua & Miguel Perez Jr

Also in 1998, AAA Verano de Escandalo was held in Madero, Mexico

– Los Vatos Locos (El Picudo, Charly Manson, Nygma & May Flowers) defeat Los Vipers (Histeria, Psicosis II, Mosco de la Merced & Maniaco) by DQ
– Alda Moreno & Miss Janeth defeat Rossy Moreno & Xochitl Hamada in a Hair vs Hair Match. Rossy Moreno was pinned, so was forced to shave her head
– Octagon, Pentagon & El Alebrije defeat Electroshock, Killer & Heavy Dracula by DQ
– Latin Lover, La Parka Jr, Perro Aguayo & Perro Aguayo Jr defeat Cibernetico, Sangre Chicana, El Cobarde & Cobarde Jr
– Heavy Metal & Blue Demon Jr defeat Kick Boxer & Abismo Negro in a Cage Match. As a result, referee El Tirantes was forced to become referee Guicho Dominguez’s slave for one week

In 2005, WWE Unforgiven was a Raw-exclusive event held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

– Ric Flair defeats Carlito to win the WWE Intercontinental Title
– Matt Hardy defeats Edge in a Cage Match
– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeat The Hurricane & Rosey to win the World Tag Team Titles
– Kurt Angle defeats John Cena by DQ (Cena retains the WWE Title)

Also in 2005, AAA Verano de Escandalo was held in Naucalpan, Mexico

– The Black Family (Cuervo, Escoria & Ozz) & Gran Apache defeat Los Barrio Boys (Alan, Billy Boy & Decnis) & Laredo Kid by DQ in a Lumberjacks with Straps Match
– El Angel, Antifaz del Norte & Estrella Dorada Jr defeat Hator, Nosawa & Zumbido
– La Parka, Vampiro & El Zorro defeat Abismo Negro, Charly Manson & Jeff Jarrett
– Chessman lost a 4-Way Hair vs Hair Electrified Cage Match to Cibernetico, Shocker & Latin Lover

In 2009, the CMLL 76th Anniversary Show was held in Mexico City

– La Mascara, La Sombra & Volador Jr defeat Averno, Mephisto & Ephesto
– Jushin Liger, Tetsuya Naito, Yujiro Takahashi & Shigeo Okumura defeat Black Warrior, Hector Garza, Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero
– Mistico defeats Negro Casas in a Mask vs Hair Match

In 2011, WWE Night of Champions was held in Buffalo, New York

– Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) defeat The Miz & R-Truth to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles
– Cody Rhodes defeats Ted DiBiase to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title
– Dolph Ziggler defeats Jack Swagger, Alex Riley & John Morrison in a Fatal 4-Way Match to retain the WWE United States Title
– Mark Henry defeats Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Title
– Kelly Kelly defeats Beth Phoenix to retain the WWE Divas Title
– John Cena defeats Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE Title
– Triple H defeats CM Punk in a No-DQ Match to retain his role as WWE COO

Title Changes

1956 – The Fabulous Moolah defeats Judy Grable in the final of a tournament to become the first NWA Womens Champion

1967 – Brute Bernard defeats Bull Curry to win the Texas Brass Knuckles Title

1995 – on Nitro, The American Males (Buff Bagwell & Scott Riggs) defeat Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles

1996 – Atlantis & Lizmark defeat La Nueva Ola Blanca (Gran Markus Jr & El Hijo del Gladiador) to win the CMLL Tag Team Titles

2003 – on Smackdown, Brock Lesnar defeats Kurt Angle in an Iron Man Match to win the WWE Title. This was only the second WWE Title change to air on Smackdown

2010 – Takuma Sano & Yoshihiro Takayama defeat Akitoshi Saito & Bison Smith to win the vacant GHC Tag Team Titles


Happy birthday to 4-time NWA Light Heavyweight Champion Lizmark (63)

Also, today would have been the birthday of 10-time NWA Americas Champion John Tolos (82)

In Memoriam

On this day in 1985, the wrestling world lost one-time World Heavyweight Champion Ed Don George at the age of 80. George wrestled for both the University of Michigan and St Bonaventure University before going on to compete for the USA at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, where he placed 4th in the +87kg freestyle division. He began his professional career after recuperating from the Olympics and soon rose through the ranks of the NWA. He defeated Gus Sonnenberg to win the NWA World Title in December 1930. He was double-crossed by Ed ‘Strangler’ Lewis in April the next year (Lewis had agreed to job for George, but defeated him in two straight falls) causing him to lose the title, but the change wasn’t universally recognised. He would officially lose the title to Danno O’Mahoney in 1935, though remained a top draw throughout the rest of the decade. He retired from wrestling in 1942 to join the Navy, where he attained the rank of Commander before leaving in 1945. In the late 40’s, he turned to promoting, staging events both in the USA and Cuba. After Castro came to power in Cuba, George quietly faded away from wrestling and lived out his retirement in Florida.

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