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Multiple sources within TNA have confirmed that Hulk Hogan’s contract with the company expires on 10/1.

At this time, there is no indication that Hogan, 60, and Impact Wrestling have come to terms on a new deal. Hogan’s camp has not commented on the situation.

On a side note, taking Impact on the road was Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s idea and could be yet another idea of the two that has failed, following airing Impact on Monday nights and spending more money to make more money.

sources: Pro Wrestling Insider, Pro

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  1. Jokeboxhero says:

    Taking Impact on the road was a good idea. But after 8 years of not making a de on ticket sales for Impact they don’t have the $ to sustain it. If they end up being stuck to one place make it some place where you can still charge admission.

  2. stevie says:

    They did get some admission money at universal through VIP for ppvs.

  3. Dragon says:

    VIPs were a joke at universal. If you knew a guy who knew a guy who once took a piss next to a guy who knew a wrestler you could weasels free VIP signings and all. Anyone ever get a chance to see a family and friends line. It was more or less half the impact zone. Secret was not all of them were friends or family. Like wwe did with WW(ECW), TNA was amazing Total Hulk Action was what tanked. Just cause you lived it doesn’t mean you can run it. He did what the hulkster always does he was running wild without thinking further. His ego allowed him to think that just cause he was involved they could sell out arenas. TNA could only benifit from his departure.
    I would only hope that with him out the way it would lead to the return of the 6 sides and the X division being the draw it used to be before it was given the same value as the tag titles in WWE(none)

  4. Agent Cooper says:

    This would be a devastating loss for the company. Wait… you mean ratings are worse now than before he got there? And all of his ideas were expensive failures? Yeah, he’ll be missed about as much as his talentless daughter.

    I actually used to like TNA before Hogan & Bischoff. I was a regular viewer. But they slowly and systematically dismantled the product and stripped away everything that made it unique. And now as Hogan departs, he leaves behind a skeleton crew roster and financial ruin in his wake. Well done, Hulk. Well done.

  5. Scott II says:

    It can’t come soon enough

  6. Stevie, that VIP money was a drop in the bucket. TNA still acts like a local fed. They frequently give their merch away at 50% off or worse. Their meet and greets are small fed style. Their storylines change with the wind.

  7. Anybody says:

    WWE doesn’t make a lot of money on their TV events. From what I understand, a lot of their revenue from ticket sales goes straight to paying for airtime. The real money maker is House Shows, and it seems like TNA just hasn’t gotten that idea yet.

  8. ~J* says:

    “This guy, this legend in our business, truly he surpasses the word ‘wrestling’ itself. He is so immersed in our business and helping us grow our business on days he’s not even on shows.”

    Dixie was marking in 2012 now sing the check BROTHER!

  9. leg lover j says:

    Tna needs to get rid of Hogan and bring in some talent from noah or njpw and get some indy guys from pwg or czw.

  10. James says:

    I hope Hulk goes back to WWE under a Legends deal.

  11. DBRude says:


  12. jim says:

    What makes people think hulk is a business man. Thats what always got me. Wwe was made by vince… not his stars. Hogan has shown zero business sense over the yrs yet he has input. Get rid of his ass asap.

  13. Adam says:

    So how is TNA going to fill the 15 minutes it takes Hulk Hogan to walk down the aisle posing and acknowledging his few remaining fans regardless of whether or not it fits the storyline?

    Who will Dixie be able to worship and name-drop as if she has any idea of what she’s talking about?

    Most importantly, who will hire his daughter when all of her Hollywood aspirations die on the vine?

    These are all very important questions that we need to ask the Hulkster, and we want ANSWERS, dude!

  14. Kerry says:

    Go away & take Bischoff & company with you.

  15. Steven says:

    Wrestlemania 30 here I come

  16. JoeD says:

    Wait? Guy above says WWE doesn’t make money from TV? THEY GET PAID BY USA.

    House shows are not a giant money-maker either. It’s a piece of the pie, but not a giant slice. Merchandising and DVD sales are WWE’s bread and butter. How many backpacks, lunch boxes and action figures does WWE sell? And they own and resell everyone’s video archives. They could exist as a business on that alone.

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