WWE universe votes for best champions of all time

Sep 16, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

During the Night of Champions pay-per-view, WWE held six votes to
determine who are the greatest champions of all time and one particular
result sparked some debate online. Trish Stratus was voted as the greatest
Divas or Women’s champ with 56% of the votes, followed by Lita at 29%,
Moolah at 8%, Michelle McCool at 6%, and Wendi Richter at 1%. D-Generation
X got the nod for the greatest Tag Team champs of all time with 47% of
votes. Legion of Doom came second with 32%, Hart Foundation with 17%,
British Bulldogs with 3% and the Wild Samoans with 1%. The greatest United
States champion of all time went to current TNA Superstar Sting with 53%.
Ricky Steamboat was at 24%, Sgt Slaughter with 12%, Harley Race with 9%,
and Bobo Brazil with 2%. Chris Jericho won the greatest Intercontinental
champion vote with a massive 63%, the highest of any vote. Mr Perfect came
second with 24%, Honky Tonk Man at 10%, Rick Rude at 2%, and Pat Patterson
with 1%. The one that created most controversy was the winner of the
greatest World Heavyweight champion of all time which Booker T won with
38%. He came above Edge at 22%, The Undertaker at 21%, Ric Flair at 14%,
and Batista at 5%. And the big one, the greatest WWE champion of all time
went to another TNA star, Hulk Hogan, who won with 55% of the votes. Steve
Austin was a distant second at 16%, John Cena with 13%, CM Punk with 12%,
and Triple H with 4%.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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