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Reddit user Dolphins1925 PPV streak broken

The Dolphins1925 Reddit user pay-per-view streak has been broken as he
called one of the two matches he spoiled wrong, his first time since the
Elimination Chamber show back in February of this year. “Alberto Del Rio
will defeat Rob Van Dam,” he wrote before the match started. Eventually
Del Rio lost via disqualification but kept the World Heavyweight title.
“Alberto Del Rio was the loser. There is no justifying that selection. My
source was wrong. He believes it was changed on a fly during the match and
only a handful of individuals knew about it. In other words, WWE has done
its job,” Dolphins1925 wrote in a post on Reddit. He previously guessed
correctly the winner of the Divas match and later revealed that his source
told him the other winners were scheduled to be Dean Ambrose, The Shield,
Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman, and Daniel Bryan. Dolphis1925 wrote last month
for SummerSlam that most of the planned endings were being changed to
prevent leaks like his and often stated that his goal was for WWE to put
an end and find whoever is leaking the results so people can enjoy the
shows without spoilers.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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3 Responses

  1. thegio says:

    This guy is a dick

  2. Axel says:

    Thegio dare I ask how? The mole could have sent the leaks to those who bet and won some extra money that way or friends win money from knowledge over guessing, thus it is better the mole is caught and dealt with.

  3. WhatIdo says:

    Someone has to keep the WWE on their toes and it certainly not going to be TNA. If you don’t like spoilers don’t look at them. Simple as that.

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