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Poll results: Grade WWE’s Night of Champions PPV

noc 13 - divas

Grade WWE’s Night of Champions PPV

F (32%, 97 Votes)
C (24%, 72 Votes)
B (23%, 71 Votes)
D (13%, 41 Votes)
A (8%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 304

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5 Responses

  1. MC Live says:

    What was so wrong with it? With the exception of Miz vs. Fandango, I thought everything was good, if not great. Curtis Axel had two good matches, the Diva’s match was actually not horrendous, we had some surprise twist and turns, and we saw a Van Terminator. How was NOC an F?

  2. Ahmad says:

    An F is a bit harsh, you can make the argument for a C PPV. Some matches did seem a bit thrown together (US Title match, miz v fandango) but overall it was an okay ppv

  3. Dragon says:

    wow when even the marks say it was an F, u know WWE dropped the ball.

    then again its people like ^^^ that allow wwe to put on substandard quality PPVs and get away with it.


  4. Mike says:

    Anyone know if MC is related to the judge that said the mayweather fight was a draw. if not someone need to go see an eye doctor

  5. Meh says:

    It is usually TNA PPVs that gets a F. Normally WWE PPVs don’t get a F.

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