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Yet another cost cutting measure by TNA could result in Impact tapings returning to a single location.

TNA officials are considering take the television tapings off the road, in fact, one source indicates it is “foregone conclusion” the change will occur by early next year at the the latest.

According to multiple sources close to the situation, both Las Vegas and Orlando are under consideration for such a locale.


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  1. cold says:

    thank god

  2. Mike says:

    and all this time i was the bad guy for saying tna couldnt make it on the road. Stop hating on TNA they said, your a WWE mark they said, u dont know $#*! they said.
    Now dozens of firings later, tons of mistakes on booking and paperwork, all these wrestlers displaced due to not being in one area and now managment finally realizes the problem, that dixie and the other management are incompetent in every way shape and form. they want a WWE like product but they dont understand they dont even equal the minor league. not saying they dont have talent, its just not in the writing marketing executive managing producers talent relations road agents.
    Do whats right for the company and get a guy like heyman or bishoff to RUN the company not the books cause they are both horrible in that department but give either of them or any good promoter a decent team and the skys the limit but until MARKS(ditzy Carter) are taken out of positions of powers TNA is a sinking ship.
    Then again i guess panda electric knows the power of having a sinking ship to adjust their tax bracket so as long as its worth that itll never change

  3. ~J* says:

    2 steps forward 10 steps back poor tna

  4. gerry says:

    Well well well look who comes crawling back

  5. Adam says:

    This whole rumor presupposes that TNA left Orlando on its own terms rather than being forced out because they weren’t really drawing crowds to Universal Studios. Several of us want to know the legitimate answer to the question “did you leave of your own free will or were you forced to leave?”

    If it’s the latter, they’re not going back to Orlando. It would depend on what venue they wanted to use in Vegas before anyone could reasonably predict how well they’d do. If they’re going to go anywhere, though, I’m thinking Nashville and they bring back the Asylum. The Asylum years are TNA’s best years, and not just because it was “new”, but because it was a different atmosphere. The crowds were better, the wrestling was better, the overall product was better…it just lacked production values. Bring Impact Wrestling production values back to the Asylum, let Jeff Jarrett run the thing (how weird does that sound?) and you’ll see a significant improvement in the product and ratings.

    The talent is there…it’s the mismanagement of the company that’s sinking it.

  6. jim says:

    They said they said….. dude relax man everyone is a bunch of babies

  7. Dragon says:

    If they are smart they will return to Orlando simply due to the fact that Orlando is becoming what tampa was in the past a crossroads for wrestling. With WWE having their developmental program here and new young companies springing up in the area it creates a fresh pool of new talent, talent that TNA needs to start using instead of booking the same matches every other night with stars whos primes ended long ago. Also they have a very loyal fanbase already established in the area. Not to mention theres a lot of those same TNA fans who havent left the house since TNA left and they need something to live for again(anyone who has been to a universal show knows the group this references)

  8. Joe B says:

    If they do come back, and WWE not only has their development center and their Hall of Fame there. They’ll just buy TNA out. Use whoever wants to make the switch at the center, bring the big names to TV if they want.

  9. Dragon says:

    @jim sour grapes much

    @joe b while Tna will do what they can to prevent that. I’m sure there are many Tna talents that wouldn’t mind getting absorbed and used while all the excess weight gets forgotten(brisco,G.Bishoff)

  10. jim says:

    Sour grapes about what. Tna is a joke I just laugh at everyone crying about everything on this site. Nobody is ever happy

  11. Matt says:

    TNA made too big a jump for their own good. They really should have thought things out better and done a better schedule. There is nothing wrong with a home base, if that’s what helps keep the company with it’s feet on the ground then there’s no reason to travel each week. I thought it worked well with the occasional trips and then going back to the IZ.

    But on “drawing” get real for a moment. Drawing “fans” isn’t real. That’s just bs internet talk. TNA clearly had it’s fans, hardly anybody is going to enter the wrestling world not through WWE when it’s by far the top of pyramid. TNA isn’t drawing much of anyone. Regardless of where their home arena is, they really stand little chance to draw that many people on a random tv episode. A big event sure, but random show it’s just not the way it really works. Lots of other companies don’t draw many people either, but they can keep running on what they have and that’s good enough.

    Quite frankly screw “competition makes better business” in wrestling it doesn’t. The industry needs more companies. There’s only x number of wrestlers out there in a pool. We should have as many of them working and able to be accessed by fans at least on the internet more so then we need the #2 or #3 getting themselves killed trying to be #1. Just leave the wrestling world picture the way it is. If TNA wants to expand then good but this is an example where their idea was in the wrong basket. They could expand other ways than taking Impact Live and on the road, since after all these firings, that clearly wasn’t the best place to expand and all we got are a lot of talented people now off our Impact shows.

    I still like TNA but in retrospect they really need to look before they leap.

  12. Dragon says:

    @jim I apologize for the comment. I misread what you said in your original post. For a minute it sounded like you were one of the “they” and were mad about in turn being wrong. I only said what I said as a round about way of saying I told you so. Again sry.

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