9/14 Anarchy Wrestling TV taping results from Cornelia, GA

Sep 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from Bill Behrens:

STRYKNYN appeared and asked to replace AZRAEL vs BJ HANCOCK with MISS RACHAEL, which ended when ANTHONY HENRY got involved causing a DQ. AZRAEL hit the ring only to be stopped by HANCOCK & HENRY who injured his neck before STRYNYN could recocer. AZRAEL was helped to the back.

STEVEN WALTERS returned to Anarchy after a tour of the UK and def CORY HOLLIS by submission in a great match that lasted over 20 minutes. FRANKLIN DOVE ordered MIKE POSEY to the back prior to the match.

ANDREW PENDELTON III left commentary for the next match and introduced his new protege, JEAN PIERRE saying they would be referred to as THE ARISTOCRATS and were challenged and defeated by THE SQUARED CIRCLE team of JEREMY FORSTER & JAKE COAL with team member CODY O’CONNOR at ringside. Post match it appeared the Aristocats team would be short lived but they ended up hugging it out.


JEFF G BAILEY and SHAUN TEMPERS came to the ring for the main event of the 1st hour of TV to announce SE7EN was not there and that the Tag Team Title match should be postponed. UNFORGIVABLE BLACKNESS (NEMESIS & SHADOW JACKSON) can out to disagree. FRANKLIN DOVE gave Bailey & Tempers a choice with either Bailey teaming with Tempers to defend or Tempers defending alone against either Shadow or Nemesis which led to SHAUN TEMPERS VS SHADOW JACKSON. Match ended with Tempers in control and Nemesis saving his partner and attacking Tempers for the DQ. As Unforgivable Blackness tried to injure Temper, Jeremy Vain who had been on commentary hit the ring and chased off Blackness. Tempers and Bailey seemed appreciative until Vain turned hid back and Tempers attacked him and planted Vain with a neck breaker. Bailey & Temperrs left happy and with the title belts.

ANTHONY HENRY with MISS RACHAEL def VICTOR ANDREWS using a spear to get the pin. Post Match as Henry celebrated STRYKNYN rolled into the ring and hot a spear on Henry. BJ Hancock tried to get to Stryknyn but was too late to help except to help Henry from the ring.

In an 8 Man Elimination Tag match KEVIN BLUE survived to earn the match and opponent of his choice at FRIGHT NIGHT on October 26. Order of elimination was BRANDON PARKER, VANDAL, TREY WILLIAMS, DANGO, JON WILLIAMS, TOMMY PENIELLI, and finally Young Lions Champion, CB GIBSON. Blue will announce the match and opponent on September 28.

MIKE POSEY stepped up as the first man to try to get the $5000 bounty CHARLIE CASH has offered for anyone who can unmask WILDSIDE. CASH came to the ring to show Posey he had the money to pay him. WILDSIDE got a superkick on Posey only to be attacked by BOBBY MOORE. Moore & Posey nearly got the mask off Wildside but STEVEN WALTERS hit the ring to prevent it.

For The Main Event for the Anarchy Heavyweight Title between MICHAEL JUDAS and Champion GETER, 16 wrestlers surrounded the ring, 4 on each side, to act as lumberjacks and keep the action in the ring (NEMESIS, SHADOW JACKSON, JON & TREY WILLIAMS, VANDAL, KEVIN BLUE, STEVEN WALTERS, SHAUN TEMPERS, BJ HANCOCK, ANTHONY HENRY, BRANDON PARKER, DANGO WYNN, CB GIBSON, TOMMY PENIRELLI, STRYKNYN & BOBBY MOORE). As it turned out keeping the two big men in the ring proved impossible. As eventually all 16 wrestlers plus Wildside who went after Moore were in the ring and Geter and Judas were out of control on the floor using anything they could on each other including various pieces of the TV Production equipment. Finally FRANKLIN DOVE was able to stop the destruction with the threat of firing both men and stripping Geter of the Title. He ordered a cage match between Geter & Judas for Fright Night on October 26 and said that until then neither man could touch the other or both were gone from Anarchy. If Geter is still champion then the match at Fright Night will be for the Heavyweight Title. Franklin Dove also ordered a rematch for September 28 with JEREMY VAIN getting a shot a reclaiming the Heavyweight Title from Geter. He told Judas he’d have to face both Nemesis & Shadow Jackson in a 2 on 1 match on September 28. It was wild Main Event.

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