Group promoting event with DH Smith, Sabu, offers free beer

Sep 13, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Westminster, CO – Colorado is rich with tradition. From cowboys in the dusty streets of the wild west, to juggernauts of the playing field staking claim to trophies. In 2013, a more violent tradition continues. For nearly half a decade, North Denver has been host to the most death defying, controversial and infamous tournament in the Rocky Mountains. On Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, Primos Hardcore and Wrestling presents the 4th Annual Slave to the Deathmatch!

In previous years, PH&W has given fans some of the most legendary names in hardcore wrestling. From Mick Foley to Tommy Dreamer, Primos has delivered on their promise to bring the ultraviolent enthusiast exactly what they want to see. This year only ups the ante, as we are proud to announce the Colorado wrestling debut of the Suicidal, Homocidal, Genocidal man from Bombay, Michigan… SABU! A staple of the extreme wrestling style, Sabu has mystified WWE, TNA, and ECW audiences throughout the world with a unique blend of athletesism and sadism that is equal to none. His arsenal is on par with the most nefarious characters in the history of the sport, and Colorado has presented a more than suitable opponent for the enigma.

In this state, no man has been party to more vile behavior than PH&W’s own, Joey Terrofyin. On September 22nd, he looks to solidify himself as the ONLY Colorado Deathmatch Icon, with a non-tournament victory over the notoriously resilient, Sabu. Both sides have requested that this match takes place outside the perimeters of the tournament, as each man has vowed to hold nothing back in this test of youth versus experience. Any true fan of the sport of Professional Wrestling would be doing them self a disservice by not witnessing this epic match.

If that wasn’t worth the price of admission itself, reigning STTDM Champion, Necro Butcher will be in the house! Holding the title that Madman Pondo captured during the first two editions of the tournament, Necro comes back to Colorado wounded, and more dangerous than ever. His title has never been in more danger, as international talent from Canada, Mexico, California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado all vie for what has become one of the most prestigious goals this genre has ever produced. A dark horse in this tournament is the Juarez, Mexico native, Pagano. This frightening masked warrior brings a style seldom seen in the four corners, and all eyes will be focused on the Primos newcomer.

In addition to the tournament, Colorado’s most bizarre superstar, Brokeback Billy puts his “Lady of the Deathmatch” title on the line in a retirement bout against Cemetary Baby. These “gals” have had battles all across the state, and all signs point to a horrific scene at this year’s tournament. Accompanying them is an International Tag Team 3-Way Dance that could headline independent wrestling cards anywhere. Primos Champion, Chris Wrath teams for the first time with the “Demon from North Denver” Trajan, against Mexico’s representatives Rocky Penasco Jr. & 303 Champion, Tony Ortega, as well as the returning team from Canada, Marc Merric and the remaining Bulldog from the Hart Dynasty, DH Smith.

This card is stacked, and emanates live from the Fiesta Palace Event Center in Westminster, Colorado. Located at 3051 74th Ave. just South of I-36, our new venue is conveniently located for anyone in the Denver metro area. Not convinced yet? We are giving away FREE BEER! You read correctly, Fiesta Palace will be giving all patrons over 21 with valid identification FREE BEER while supplies last. General admission tickets are just $20 bucks, and we are only charging $25 for VIP tickets! You can purchase advance tickets right now at to ensure you get the best seat possible. Please come out to support talent like Khan Kussion, Chuey Martinez, Moshpit Mike, Dalton Bragg, Romeo Falcon, Johnny Crash, Rob Ryzin and whoever else might show up for this once in a lifetime event.

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