Review of Adam Pearce/Colt Cabana: Seven Levels of Hate DVD‏

Sep 8, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik

“This is a must buy for wrestling fans to see how real life is way more entertaining than any fiction created in the ring. “

If you are true fan of wrestling you have heard and read about the feud between “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana over the NWA World Heavyweight championship. But did you know they have a relationship going back to playing on rival Chicago high schools? Want to know more, like how these two men took the NWA World championship around the world and made it a major item once more; only to see them drop the belt on an Australian wrestling ring mat and walking away from the NWA forever. Then sit down and watch the amazing DVD called Seven Levels of Hate!

Besides Adam and Colt being interviewed during the two hour and twelve minute long documentary, also featured are: wrestling promoter and producer David Marquez, referee Rick Knox, former NWA COO and referee Fred Rubenstein, former board member Bill Behrens, former NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich, wrestling manager Stu Stone, ring announcer Angelo Trinidad, wrestling historian and NECW promoter Sheldon Goldberg, Steel Domain Wrestling promoters Ed Hellier & Mick Karch, Metro Pro Wrestling owner Chris Gough, West Coast Wrestling Connection owner Jeff Manning, wrestling writer Jay Cal of, Ben Gilbert of Warzone Wrestling Australia, Pro Wrestling Illustrated writer Dan Murphy, Australian videographer Steve Ward, the late William Moody (Paul Bearer) and wrestling historian Bill Apter.

The feature opens with an introduction of the players and how the formation of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood led to the NWA World Heavyweight championship being on the West Coast. Cabana would win the championship on March 6, 2011 on the Hollywood TV show and how social networking would bring the NWA onto the national scene once more. But a funny thing happened to the planned long title run; Cabana lost the championship in Jacksonville, FL to the Almighty Sheik in what the DVD outlines as a political power play. If you listened to my former radio program Kayfabe Wrestling Radio both Adam Pearce and the Almighty Sheik spoke at length to how the NWA World championship became a point of contention and anger between both men. It led to the Almighty Sheik being stripped of the NWA World championship, Craig Classic surrendering the World Jr. Heavyweight championship and Pearce winning a four way battle at the Ohio State Fairgrounds on July 31, 2011.

From that point a Pearce-Cabana partnership into another rivalry was hatched on CWFH TV and the championship would change hands once more. From that match the Seven Levels of Hate was created which led to some amazing matches for the NWA World Heavyweight championship not seen since the days of Flair-Rhodes or even Funk-Brisco. While the seven matches were going on jealousy would rear its head once more, this time from Texas and “businessmen” named Bruce Tharpe & Ron Ronquillo who declined to be interviewed for obvious reasons. All of this leads to some of the most insane things I have ever heard in 11 years covering professional wrestling come out of the Texas wrestling office.

To recap the seven matches you get to see if you buy the two DVD set which Cabana & Pearce outline in the main feature, Stage 1: First Blood on May 13 in Glendale, CA; Stage 2: Boston Street Fight on June 8 in Bridgewater, MA; Stage 3: I Quit on July 7 in Hopkins, MN; Stage 4: Best 2 of 3 Falls on July 21 in Kansas City, KS which Pearce was dangerously sick before performing; Stage 5: Dog Collar match on August 18 in Bridgewater, MA; Stage 6: Texas Death match on September 30 in Salem, OR and Stage 7: Steel Cage match on October 27 in Melbourne, Australia.

This is a must buy for wrestling fans to see how real life is way more entertaining than any fiction created in the ring. You can purchase the 2 disc DVD set or even the signature edition with a signed lithograph, log onto Plus follow @ColtCabana who I think was a professional despite the unprofessional situations he was placed in and @ScrapDaddyAP because I have tons of respect for Adam Pearce through “three interviews of fun” on my retired radio program in addition to honoring me with a screening of this DVD before release to the general public. Thanks must also go to Lou Benson who helped Adam create this wonderful film that I hope sells out in pre-release.

In addition to reviewing pro wrestling themed DVD’s and books since 2001, Alan Wojcik also covers several wrestling promotions throughout the United States. Be sure to check out & Follow him on Twitter @MyNameIsWojcik

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