9/7 ROH on Sinclair TV Report

Sep 7, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

ROH on Sinclair
September 7, 2013

By Kevin Snyder

The show starts with the usual opening intro. This week’s episode is a continuation of the World Title tournament from All-Star Extravaganza held in the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Commentators Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness run down the matches on the card today and that leads us to the first match of the night.

1st Round of the ROH World Championship Tournament
“The Last Real Man in Professional Wrestling” Silas Young vs. “The Sicilian Pyschopath” Tommaso Ciampa.
Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness remind us this is a rematch from back in July at Reclamation: Night 2 in Dearborn, Michigan. A lot of trash talk to start the match between the two. They lock up and neither man wants to break, leading to the tie up going outside the ring. The referee gets involved and finally splits the two of them up and orders them back into the ring. Both men oblige and Silas delivers a takedown, throwing right hands. Ciampa counters into a roll up for a nearfall. Tommaso gets Young in a headlock and Silas takes him down, delivering a few stomps. Ciampa goes into the corner but fights off the attack, giving Silas a big boot for a nearfall. Ciampa picks up and puts up Young on the ropes, pulling at his mustache. Silas crawls into a corner and Tommaso pulls down his kneepad. Silas sees it coming and gets up, hitting Ciampa with a rough forearm shot. After a few knees, Young backs up and hits a running knee while Tommaso’s head was on the middle turnbuckle.

Commercial break

Back from commercial with both men trying to suplex the other over the ropes on the apron, blocking the attempts. Ciampa gets Young over the ropes and onto the outside apron where they both exchange strikes. Knee by Tommasso and goes for another suplex attempt but Silas counters it and suplexes him off the apron and onto the floor! The ref begins the 20 count (because 10 counts in pro wrestling are too mainstream) and both men crawl back into the ring by the count of 14. They trade headbutts while on their knees as they both continue to trash talk as they get to their feet. Silas misses a clothesline and Ciampa nails him with a Dragon Suplex for a nearfall. The kneepad of Tommaso comes down again and he goes for a running knee but Young gives him a low dropkick to his surgically repaired knee and goes for a roll-up and gets a nearfall. Silas hits a backbreaker/clothesline combo for another nearfall. Young hits the Finlay Roll but Ciampa kicks him in the head while Young was doing a headstand on the top rope. Tommaso lifts him up onto the top rope. Silas fights back and jumps off the middle rope but Ciampa hits a spinebuster for a nearfall. Tommaso goes for Project Ciampa but Young slides out and a strike exchange ensues. A rolling forearm and spinning back elbows connect from Ciampa. Tomasso hits the ropes but Young catches him and hot-shots him, following it up with a clothesline. Ciampa gets right back up and goes nose to nose with Young. Forearm shots are exchanged, Silas goes for a clothesline and misses, leading to Tommaso hitting Project Ciampa to advance in the tournament.

Winner: “The Silician Pyschopath” Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Ciampa goes to adhere to the Code of Honor but Silas refuses and leaves the ring.

Commercial Break

1st Round of the ROH World Championship Tournament
“The Prodigy” Michael Bennett with “The First Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis vs. “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer
The commentators remind us that this is a rubber match for these two with Bennett winning at Best in the World and Whitmer gaining redemption at Reclamation: Night 1. Bennett wastes no time and attacks Whitmer but he sees it coming and hits Bennett with an Exploder Suplex for a nearfall. Bennett rolls to the outside and Whitmer nails him with a suicide dive through the middle rope. Whitmer picks him and delivers some nasty chops before suplexing him onto the floor. BJ tosses him back into the ring to break the refs count and hits some more chops and a back elbow for a 1 count. Right hands by BJ and he goes off the ropes, Bennett counters with a drop toe hold, hanging him on the middle rope. Bennett to the outside and hits Whitmer with a dropkick. Bennett pulls him to the outside and drives him into the apron. Running knee by Bennett by the steel guard rails. Bennett rolls back in to break the refs count and hits another running boot as the match goes to commercial.

Back from commercial with both men back in the ring and Whitmer hitting a back suplex for a nearfall. Bennett comes back with a spinebuster for a neafall. Bennett continues the assault and gives some knee drops to the back of Whitmer’s neck. BJ fights out of the chinlock and we get a strike exchange with Bennett getting the upper hand. He goes off the ropes, misses Whitmer with a clothesline and then both men take each other down with a clothesline. On the outside, Maria takes off her shoes, leaving one on the apron as she distracts the referee with the other. Matchmaker and commentator Nigel McGuiness sees this and points it out to the ref and Maria is tossed from ringside! Maria refuses to leave and Nigel grabs her and carries her away, giving her a few smacks on the butt cause she has been a very bad girl. Bennett is walking after them while Whitmer climbs up to the top rope and leaps onto Bennett! Back in the ring, Whitmer with a series of clotheslines followed up with a snap slam for a nearfall. He picks Bennett up and whips him into the corner. Running knee followed with a snap suplex/Northern Lights combo for a nearfall. Bennett counters with a jawbreaker and a TKO (Photo Finish) for a nearfall. Whitmer comes back with a Spinning Fishermen/Fishermen combo for a nearfall. Bennett goes over to the apron and Whitmer follows. Bennett gets the upper hand and hits a piledriver. This is the piledriver that sent Whitmer to the hospital and the ref has no choice but to call the match. Thankfully, BJ is doing better as of this writing.

Winner: “The Prodigy” Michael Bennett

Commercial break

We get a recap of the Paul London/Michael Elgin and why they could not fight back in May due to London suffering a concussion at the hands of Davey Richards at Border Wars.

It is now time for the main event.

1st Round for the ROH World Championship
“The Intrepid Traveler” Paul London vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Elgin wants a Test of Strength and he shows off his power. London combats it and hits a hurricanrana. London with a waist lock and Elgin shows off his power again. London with a roll up for a nearfall. London goes for another hurricanrana but Elgin blocks it. Elgin gets dumped to the outside and London runs, looking for a dive but Elgin gets back in and is met with a dropkick. Elgin hits a MASSIVE shoulder block that sends London to the outside. Jumping knee by London off the middle rope followed by a dropkick to the knee then a low dropkick to the head of the Unbreakable one for a 1 count. Elgin catches London in mid air off a springboard crossbody. Elgin looks for a powerslam but London fights out of it and goes for another springboard crossbody. Elgin catches him and slams him down to the mat for a nearfall. Elgin lifts London up for a delayed vertical suplex for a VERY long time. Seriously, get a stop watch when Elgin does a delayed vertical suplex. It’s insane. After about a minute, he finally slams him down for a nearfall as the show goes to commercial.

Back from commercial with both men outside on the apron where London blocks a back suplex and climbs to the second rope and ranas Elgin to the floor! Back in the ring, London hits a springboard dropkick. Elgin blocks the sunset flip and goes for a butt drop but London moves and goes for a spin kick. Elgin ducks but London hits him with a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Elgin moves out of the way as London jumps off the top rope and hits him with a pump kick. London counters a German attempt for a nearfall. Elgin hits a Black Hole Slam for a nearfall. Elgin hits a Deadlift German for a nearfall. Elgin signals for the Buckle Bomb but London counters it and hits a double stomp, seeming to hurt his right knee. Right hands are exchanged for a bit until Elgin gains the advantage with a discus forearm. London hits an enziguri. Elgin hits a rolling elbow to the back of the head. Elgin goes for an huge lariat but London comes back with a dropsault. Elgin to the outside. London charges and hits a front flip over the top rope! London climbs onto the apron and onto the top rope, hitting the mushroom stomp onto Elgin on the outside! Back in the ring, London gets a VERY close nearfall. London goes to the top rope but Elgin cuts him off with an uppercut. Elgin climbs to the middle rope and London headbutts him. Elgin blocks the Sunset Bomb attempt. London back onto the apron for another springboard attempt but Elgin hits him with a HUGE dropkick that sends London to the outside. London climbs back on to the apron and Elgin goes to the second rope and deadlift suplex London back into the ring for a CLOSE nearfall. Elgin hits the Buckle Bomb but London counters the Elgin Bomb with a Reverse Hurricanrana! London to the top rope for London Calling (Shooting Star Press) for ANOTHER CLOSE nearfall. London puts Elgin and himself on the middle rope and goes for a Super Hurricanrana but Elgin counters with a Super powerbomb. Another Buckle Bomb and The Elgin Bomb and the match is over.

Winner: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

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