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9/6 TNA house show results from Newark, DE

1. Manik won a 3-way over Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion in 8:32 when Manik hit Ion with the gut-buster. Fun opener.

2. ODB beat Gail Kim in 6:48 with the Bam. They worked hard and Kim especially takes great bumps.

3. Magnus over Anderson in 8:19 with the MDD (Mag Daddy Driver). Anderson looked like he hadn’t slept in days and would have rather been anywhere else.

4. AJ Styles beat Bobby Roode in 12:53 with the Styles Clash. Both worked hard and had a good back and forth match. Careful if you heckle Roode; he’ll spit into your section when he’s punched.

Somewhere in here Earl Hebner did his Montreal shirt gimmick which didn’t get much heat.

20 Minute Intermission where for $10 you could get the “Damn Right I Did!” shirt and an autograph from both Earl and Brian Hebner. Although oddly they refused photos until after the show.

5. Storm and Gunner over Bad Influence in 12:37 when they hit the powerslam/neckbreaker combination on Kazarian, although I’m not 100% sure who took the fall. Great mic work by Bad Influence before the match and overall interaction with the crowd during it. They’re a great older-style heel team and are a really entertaining act.

6. Bully Ray beat Samoa Joe in 13:25 after a Brian Hebner ref bump and Ray hitting Joe with a chain for the pin. Bully argued with fans several times but never once cursed which I thought was interesting given his rep. Joe made a comeback and within seconds Jeremy Borash was selling $20 tickets to get in the ring and get a photo with the man who was just punched in the head with a chain.

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