Rhino on his ROH run and if he’s disappointed with how creative has used him

Sep 5, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Rhino joined Tha O Show for 25 minutes this week and discussed a whole bunch of things, in this very candid interview filled with belly laughs and a couple of “Did he just say that?” moments!

Rhino shares his own personal road stories, including one about this week’s co-host, Bill Skullion and how Bill once uttered “the toughest thing I ever heard come out of another man’s mouth”
Rhino touches on his upcoming opponent Sylvan Grenier at a CWI show tomorrow night.
Talk on ROH run and if he’s disappointed at all with how creative has used him and if he felt he should have been in the World Title Tournament.

Rhino offers his two cents on the AJ Styles situation, and explains why TNA may have to let him go.

All that PLUS:

A preview of Night Of Champions, from a booker’s viewpoint
Why Edge’s return to Raw might be a bad thing
Why the RVD / Ricardo marriage is even worse than you thought
Is Total Divas merely a trial balloon for the next phase of WWE programming?

and so much more!

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