9/5 Impact Wrestling Recap: Sting vs. Bully Ray

Sep 5, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Impact Wrestling opens with a “Previously on Impact Wrestling” vignette, focusing on Bully Ray patching Tito Ortiz into Aces and Eights, A.J. Styles’ decision to not join the Main Event Mafia, and the return of Hulk Hogan on last week’s Impact.

We go into the arena in Cleveland, Ohio, and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show. We see Kazarian backstage. He says he is going to win the Bound for Glory Series Battle Royal tonight. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode say the same thing, as does Mr. Anderson. Samoa Joe says he will throw everyone over the top rope and Hernandez guarantees a win. Jay Bradley says he is going to ruin everybody’s evening and Joseph Park says he is going to do everyone proud. Christopher Daniels says he is going all the way to Bound for Glory and Jess Hardy says he will get the 20 points. Magnus says he’s i first place, but he is going to solidify is place as number one.

Aces and Eights’ music hits, and Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher lead the group to the ring. Ray turns to the group as says they are the best brothers that a President could have. Ray says they do it all together and says last week is behind them. Ray goes down the line and shares a hug with each one of them. Ray says everyone wishes they could be Tito Ortiz. Ray says Knux is going to destroy Chris Sabin and Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff will destroy Gunner and James Storm. Ray says Mr. Anderson is going to run through everyone else in the Battle Royal. Ray says he accepts Hulk Hogan’s challenge from Sting and is going to beat him just like he did at Slammiversary. He tells the guys to leave and tells Knux to stay. Ray and Tessmacher join Mike Tenay and Taz at the announce table.

Match #1: Chris Sabin vs. Knux
Sabin takes control of the match early on and backs Knux into the corner. Sabin delivers an elbow shot in the corner, but Knux comes back and slams Sabin to the mat. Knux drops Sabin over the top rope and then chokes him across the bottom rope. Knux catapults Sabin into the bottom rope and goes for the cover, but Sabin kicks out at two. Knux gets Sabin in a headlock down on the mat. Knux delivers a leg drop and goes for the cover, but Sabin kicks out again. Knux chokes Sabin over the middle rope and backs away. Knux goes to lower a knee onto Sabin, but Sabin moves and Knux catches himself in the ropes. Sabin goes up top and delivers a missile dropkick. Ray hands the hammer to Knux, but Sabin dropkicks Knux’s knee. Sabin picks up the hammer and nails Knux with it and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner via disqualification: Knux.

We see Mickie James walking backstage. We will hear from the TNA Women’s Knockout Champion after the commercial break.

We see Chris Sabin freaking out about the hammer backstage and Velvet Sky is trying to calm him down. He isn’t listening to her and he says something has to change. She is trying to tell him that he is better than them, but he continues to yell. Sabin walks away, leaving Velvet on the verge of tears.

Mickie James makes her way to the ring. Mickie says she was over the moon with excitement when she found out Impact was going to be in the hometown of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She says she has prepared a song for the occasion, and was a little bummed out that she wasn’t invited to the VMAs. She has her own award, though, the MJAs. Mickie says she is disgusted with how people are treating Miley Cyrus. ODB interrupts Mickie and says Mickie needs to be worried about her taking the Knockouts title. Mickie says she is a star and ODB isn’t. Mickie attacks ODB from behind, but ODB drops her with a clothesline. ODB grabs the title and holds it high overhead. Mickie gets up and takes it from her and gets in her face. ODB kicks Mickie in the gut and rips off her shirt. ODB says Mickie will never be rock and roll and will soon not be the Knockouts Champ.

We go backstage with Jeremy Borash. He brings in Hernandez and Jay Bradley, who are mathematically eliminated from the Bound for Glory Series. Bradley says he has a lot to gain with a particular organization. He says he wants to work with Hernandez and tells him to give it some thought. Bradley walks away as Hernandez considers it. The Battle Royal is next.

Match #2: Bound for Glory Series 12-Man Battle Royal – A.J. Styles vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Joseph Park vs. Kazarian vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe
Hernandez takes Bradley down with a back-body drop and tries to eliminate him as Park enters the match. Bradley stomps Park down in the corner, but Park comes back with a couple shoulder blocks. Bradley comes back and drops Park with an elbow shot. Bradley goes to eliminate Park, but Hernandez takes Bradley down with a big shoulder block. Anderson enters the match. Anderson takes Hernandez down with a clotheslines and then tries to eliminate Park as we head to a commercial break.
We’re back and Samoa Joe has entered the match and A.J. Styles enters next. Styles immediately eliminates Park. Styles goes after Hernandez as Anderson tries to eliminate Joe. Styles tosses Hernandez into Anderson and goes after Bradley. Joe tosses Anderson over the top, but Anderson lands on the apron. Styles tries to eliminate Bradley as Hernandez slams Styles with a back-body drop. Hernandez tries to eliminate Styles, but Styles fights back. Anderson drops Joe in the corner, and Styles goes after Anderson as Kazarian enters the match. Joe chops Anderson in the corner and goes for the Muscle Buster. Anderson fights back, but Joe kicks Anderson in the head and Anderson falls to the floor. Joe goes after Bradley and Kazarian suplexes Styles. Christopher Daniels enters the match and he and Kazarian eliminate Hernandez. Jeff Hardy enters the match as we head to a commercial break.
We’re back and Bobby Roode enters the match. Styles eliminates Bradley. Roode tries to eliminate Styles, but Styles fights out. Styles drops Kazarian with a dropkick as Aries enters the match. Aries takes Daniels and Kazarian down with a flying clothesline. Roode and Kazarian comes back and attack Aries. E.G.O. tries to eliminate Aries, but he fights out. Styles and Joe try to eliminate Daniels as Roode and Aries slug it out. Magnus enters the match. Magnus slams Daniels down to the mat. Joe goes for a clothesline on Daniels, but Daniels pulls the rope down and Kazarian shoves Joe down to the floor. Roode eliminates Hardy. Styles eliminates Kazarian. Daniels eliminates Magnus. Daniels beats down Aries in the corner as Roode does the same to Styles. Daniels and Roode double-team Styles and then turn their attention on Aries. Aries escapes and charges at Roode, but Roode sets him on the apron. Styles eliminates Aries. Roode charges at Styles, but Styles sends him to the outside and we are down to Styles and Daniels. Styles delivers a back-breaker and goes for the Styles’ Clash, but Daniels powers out. Styles connects with the Pele Kick and clotheslines Daniels over the top rope.
Winner: A.J. Styles.

We go backstage and we see Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. Ray says he is disappointed with Anderson. Ray says Knux won his match and he is sure Wes and Garett are going to win theirs. Ray asks Anderson what he has done for the club lately. Anderson says he busts his ass for the club every night. Ray says he is above Anderson. Ray says he ripped his own brother’s name off of their colors. Ray tells Anderson to not forget who he is and to fall in line. Ray tells Anderson to never disappoint him again.

We see Sting and Rampage Jackson backstage. Jackson talks to Sting about never getting a World title shot again. Sting says it’s not about that anymore. Sting says he needed backup that night, and that’s why he reformed the family. Sting says he is going to take Bully Ray out tonight, and it may be his last chance to do it tonight.

Match #3: Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco vs. Gunner and James Storm
Bischoff and Brisco attack Gunner and Storm before the match starts, but Storm tosses Bischoff into the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Storm sprays a beer in Bischoff’s face and then tosses him back into the ring. Storm and Gunner double-team Bischoff and Storm drops him with a bulldog. Storm slams Bischoff to the mat and drops a knee. Storm goes for the cover, but Bischoff kicks out at two. Storm goes to suplex Bischoff, but Brisco interferes. Bischoff backs Storm into the corner and drives his shoulder into Storm’s midsection. Bischoff slams Storm into Brisco’s boot and tags him in. Brisco goes to work on Storm in the corner. Storm gets free and tags in Gunner. Brisco tags in Bischoff and Gunner drops him with a clothesline. Gunner drops Bischoff with a back-breaker and goes for the cover, but Brisco breaks it up. Storm kicks Brisco in the head and then Gunner and Storm drop Bischoff with a double-DDT. Gunner goes for the cover, but Bischoff kicks out at two. Brisco trips up Storm and slams him into the ring post and Bischoff and Brisco double-team Gunner. Bischoff nails Gunner with a steel chain as Brisco distracts the referee and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco.

We’re back and we see Jeremy Borash, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Magnus in the ring. Borash brings out A.J. Styles. Styles chooses Aries as his opponent next week, which means Roode and Magnus will go one-on-one. Aries says he promises Styles the winner of their match is going to be the fans in attendance. Roode takes the mic from Borash. Roode says he loves when a plan comes together. Roode says there’s a reason why he aligned with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, and that was to get a member of the Extraordinary Genetlemen’s Organization into the Final Four. Roode calls Magnus the weak link and says he is going to go on to Bound for Glory to reclaim his World Heavyweight Championship. Magnus says he beat Roode by himself and didn’t need any help. Magnus reminds Roode that he has a family now and the playing field is even. Magnus says he will go through Roode, Aries, and Styles to get the World title.

Match #4: No Disqualification Match – Bully Ray (w/Brooke Tessmacher and Mr. Anderson) vs. Sting
Sting delivers a Stinger Splash and then tosses Ray to the outside as we head to a commercial break.
We’re back and Sting is attacking Ray with a steel chair on the outside. Back in the ring, Ray catches Sting with a low-blow. Ray splashes Sting and goes for the cover, but Sting kicks out at two. Ray slams Sting onto the chair and then goes to the outside. Ray gets a box knife from Taz and stares at Anderson. Ray cuts the ring cover away and begins to expose the under mats of the ring. Ray hits Sting with the chair again and exposes the boards under the ring. Ray goes for the piledriver, but Sting reverses and locks Ray in the Sorpion Death Lock. Aces and Eights charges the ring and attacks Sting, except for Anderson who remains on the outside. The Main Event Mafia charges the ring and begins to beat down Aces and Eights. Ray goes for the piledriver on Sting on the exposed boards, but Sting counters with a back-body drop. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop, but Ray holds onto the top rope. Ray goes for the big boot, but Sting counters and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Anderson pulls out the hammer and tells Ray to reach for it. Anderson tosses it aside and Ray taps out.
Winner: Sting.
After the match, Anderson grabs the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt and a mic. Anderson asks Ray why he couldn’t do it on his own. Anderson asks Ray if he knows who he is. Anderson says he is the guy who is going to face Ray for the title next week. Anderson says he is the next World Heavyweight Championship. Anderson holds the title in the air all around the ring and then throws it at Ray as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Knux def. Chris Sabin by disqualification
2. A.J. Styles won a Bound for Glory Series 12-Man Battle Royal to earn 20 points
3. Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco def. Gunner & James Storm
4. Sting def. Bully Ray in a No Disqualification Match

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