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Raw rating drops below 3.0

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw scored a 2.85 cable rating with 3.94 million viewers.

Last week’s Raw did a 3.07 rating and 4.19 million last week.

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  1. Anonymous Raw GM says:

    No Cena.

  2. Denis says:

    how many times can you have all the superstars come out on stage and watch Daniel Bryan get buried? Funny that the rating drops when Triple H is more on TV and Orton is champ.

  3. WhatIdo says:

    Have Orton drop the title. No one wants to tune in every week and see the bad guy win every time. It’s not good TV.

  4. Stunning Steve says:

    That is because they have overplayed their hand. Doing this with Daniel Bryan once, or even twice, makes sense. Doing it every week is stupid. Nobody wants to see the fan favorite get destroyed every week. They wouldn’t do that to Cena.

  5. T says:

    Because Orton is not good TV. Nor does anyone want to see HHH be a cheap knockoff of Evil Chairman Vince McMahon.

  6. art123guy says:

    Sad thing is, it’ll all be blamed on Bryan and once Cena comes back, he’ll be sent to mid card status.

  7. fgh says:

    Shut the company down! … Seriously! The McMahons have turned into a bunch of … bad employers!

  8. JDBJJ says:

    Who cares? Ratings are simply for the sponsors. WWE doesn’t care if they drop below a 3, a 2.85 is still good TV. The storyline is being built, it’s going to take time. So everyone needs to get off the anti Orton/HHH pro Bryan kicks. Daniel Bryan getting his ass kicked every week an coming back the next week makes his character look stronger. The IWC is so short sighted and inpatient. Let it play out. As long as they don’t make Bryan dry hump a dead girl with a Kane mask on it’ll all be ok in the end folks.

  9. jim says:

    Yes they do. ..

  10. art123guy says:


    “WWE doesn’t care if they drop below a 3, a 2.85 is still good TV.”

    Vince cares. If I remember correctly, it was after Bret beat him at Wrestlemania that Vince said his character was dead. As soon as the ratings dipped, out he came. He cares, and if they don’t improve, Bryan will be blamed. Mark my words.

  11. Legend_Killer says:

    Yes!!! This is what is needed to this fools of WWE to realize that they need Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion, not the over rated Randy Orton.

  12. Scott II says:

    Ok guys, thank goodness Gerweck has TV ratings on his site. Last few years, the ratings have dipped on Labor Day, and guess what, they’ll probably dip a little next week for a little something called NFL Monday Night Football.

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