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Length of AJ Styles’ contract extension

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that AJ Styles had signed a three-month extension at the terms of his current deal before TV this past week. This contract takes him until the end of the year. Styles’ signed a five year deal in September 2008, which was about to expire.

They did not give him a contract cutting his salary.

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  1. art123guy says:

    As I said before, give him an extension until Sting’s contract is up. Don’t re-sign Sting, then offer AJ a better contract with the money you saved from letting Sting go.

  2. killpg says:

    if hes not RS and plans jumping ship(not auto to wwe, there is still some places for him) thing must be pretty bad.

  3. Main event says:

    So the face of the company since its beginning only gets 3 months …..unbelievable

  4. echo says:

    Probably to keep him on TV so they can write him out of the company via storyline.

  5. ajstyles fan says:

    He should be induced in their Hall of Fame, along with the Jarretts (Jerry and Jeff), Mike Tenay, Jeremy Borash, and several other behind-the-scenes wrestling legends and promoters that were there in Huntsville, Alabama, in early summer 2002 for the very first two weekly PPVs they taped first. …. Then, wrestlers like Chris. Daniels, James Storm, Abyss, Kazarian, B. Roode, veteran Jerry Lynn, MMA sensation and their first champ Ken Shamrock, Raven and a few others who built this company in the Nashville, TNA Asylum, 2002-2004 years! … Then, Samoa Joe … and a few others … But with Dixie Trixie at the helm … the company is going down-Soth fast! … She wants to hire only NEW faces, outsiders, X-Division under-30 yearsold wrestlers, celebrities just to pay them a lot less than the veterans.

  6. jim says:

    He is nuts for signing that with tna. What if he gets hurt?????

  7. ~J* says:

    oh my a secret entry into the Royal Rumbles!!!!!!

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