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Triple H tweets on the ‘firing’ of Cody Rhodes

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  1. jim says:

    Why hunter why!!!! He is a good man!

  2. Latrese Holliday says:

    Triple H is wrong. We are smart enough to get it. Sometimes those in power want to make business alot more complicated than it has to be, but most businesses require simple common sense. Common sense dictates that firing cody rhodes was stupid. I mean seriously. You had a good thing going with him and Damien Sandow and the rivalry was awsome. The fans were into it. The guy was generating a great pop and sandow was generating alot of heat. That was something that could have gone somewhere as opposed to that idiot group running around the shield and then you go and get rid of the guy. Now that was bad for business. #stupidmoveHHH

  3. viper_rko_03 says:

    So wwe is gonna start doing what TNA did start getting rid of the best talent they got cause they don’t know how to use them I love wrestling but its getting stupid y would u get rid of good superstars that bring in most of your phofits

  4. cas says:

    let the guy get married and have his honeymoon! everything is a work

  5. Truth says:

    clearly you guys are being sucked right into the web of buying into a great storyline, and what Hunter is doing is Good for Business because Cody isnt going anywhere, this midseason, our season finale @ mania should be epic with the current story lines on both Raw and Smackdown. speaking of which if i was WWE i would go 2 live shows a week, i hate tapings and spoilers, (sorry steve) especially when we havent even reached the climax or crutch of the story yet. should be good few months of raw.

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