July WWE Business numbers

Sep 3, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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– Domestic attendance 5,544 average for July 2013:

* 5,464 average last year (up 1.5%)
* Two years ago the July average was 4,694.

– DVD shipments were down from 357,000 last year to 231,000 this year, but that’s kind of a meaningless stat. The most shipped DVD’s over the past nine months, which is not the most sold, are WrestleMania 29 at 162,000, Best of Nitro at 136,000, The Attitude Era at 134,000, NWO Revolution at 120,000 and Top 100 Moments in Raw history at 101,000. The WrestleMania number is down 24.3% from last year’s DVD as of the same time frame.

– Web site unique visitors were 14.0 million, up 8.5% from the 12.9 million last July.

– They averaged 774 web site merchandise orders per day this year in July, up 41.2% from 548 per day last year.

credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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