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AJ Lee shows off her new tattoo to commemorate her first reign

WWE diva AJ Lee got a neck tattoo to commemorate her first reign as a WWE Divas Championship…

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  1. lll says:

    According to Diva-Dirt it adds up to 6 16 13. It’s no coincidence that this is the day she won the divas championship. Good for her.

  2. scott says:

    how stupid can this mental patient be.

  3. David K says:

    I would have never thought that anyone could be a bigger mark for themselves than CM Punk….but I now stand corrected, AJ takes he top spot.

  4. raven12516 says:

    I fail to see how getting a tattoo makes her an idiot. And why people have to judge her for it.

  5. Asterik says:

    @raven because people are just retarded that way, it’s the world that we live in.

  6. matt says:

    I think the numbers 6 16 13 would’ve looked better but its unique

  7. Swayze says:

    She worked her ass off to become the top woman in WWE so she got a tattoo to commemorate how far she’s come. How do people have a problem with that?

  8. stevie says:

    There can be only one….

  9. gerry says:

    Good thing she didn’t become champ at the slammy awards

  10. leg lover j says:

    Thats how many BJ’s she have to get her Job!!!

  11. jim says:

    Cm punk is a mark for himself haha. Love punk but he loves himself

  12. ~J* says:

    as long as it makes sense TO HER!

  13. Ian says:

    LAME…looks like a prison wall…could have at least gotten them in a cool font instead of just tick marks.

  14. Straightedge Shooter says:

    Why AJ why? I hope that is the last of her tats.

  15. NCW Promoter says:

    If You Are Not A “Mark” As You Say For This Business Or Yourself You Do NOT Belong In This Business She Loves This Business I Do Not Like Tattoo’s But It Is Her Being Proud So If It Makes Her Happy She Earned It

    As Nick Bockwinkle Said He Is A The Biggest “Mark” As Am I

    Not Enough “Marks” In This World Meaning Most Of The “Professional Wrestlers’ Today Think It’s A Work It Does Not Matter WRONG It Does Matter And Work TOGETHER To Be Proud Of This Great Sport

  16. McHater says:

    White trash and a mark.

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