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William Regal scouts for WWE

William Regal attended last night’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles event in Reseda, California. The word in the locker room is that he’s scouting potential talent for WWE to sign.

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  1. JR says:

    Great place to look for talent. PWG is the best indy promotion going. Hell, PWG is the best promotion period. My top three goes;

    1. PWG
    2. WWE
    3. ROH

  2. Steven Jackson says:

    I’m glad that someone like William Regal went to BOLA. It shows that the WWE are taking a more serious approach to looking for talent. Some of the wrestlers featured at BOLA I’d like to see in WWE are;

    Adam Cole
    Johnny Gargano
    Michael Elgin
    AR Fox
    Drake Younger

  3. Mr. Black says:

    I bet William Regal had a say in going to this tournament. The man has a great eye for talent. From what I have read, he was specifically scouting Kevin Steen and Johnny Gargano. Both of them would be huge assets to the WWE. If you’ve ever seen a PWG show, what you get is the best independent wrestlers literally giving it their all in every contest, especially in the BOLA tournaments. I would go as far as saying that PWG should be the first stop for the WWE to scout talent, ahead of Ring of Honor.

  4. todd cooper says:

    Yeah, a big gross FAT guy in a t-shirt would really help WWE.

  5. Boogeyman says:

    Hey Todd that fat guy is a great wrestler! Have you seen rikishi? They had him, have you seen bray wyatt? Oh ya he’s not stereotypical either

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