NWA FUW Throwdown 6 results featuring Matt Morgan, Jay Lethal, Jim Neidhart, more

Sep 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik

On Saturday August 31 NWA Florida Underground Wrestling Presented ”Throwdown 6”, held at Sports Center Tampa Bay, 7235 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida 33634. Several surprises were in store for fans including former WCW/TNA ring announcer David Penzer handling the emcee duties and Amazing Kong watching.

(1) Gus Money defeated Joey Epix.

Money started out in control that was until Epix got in a cheapshot and kept getting in body shots. Money was hit with a dropkick but avoided the corner splash to hit a South American legsweep followed by a forearm for two. Money countered out of a hold into a inverted DDT and hit the Frog Splash to get the win.

(2) JB Cool defeated Wayne Van Dyke.

In the opening moments it looked like Cool didn’t know what to make of the “strongest man in wrestling.” So Cool went after Van Dyke with his own power display which ended when he missed a cross bodyblock. Van Dyke didn’t give Cool a second to recover and went on the attack. Cool tried to fight back but was hit with a dropkick for two. Van Dyke resorted to some of his carnival tricks to try and control Cool. But Cool fought back with several punches, a corner splash and finished off Van Dyke with a power sidewalk slam.

(3) MDK/Ushaka (w/Sir Jay Jon) defeated Mitch Mitchell/Jeff Boom.

Mitchell & Boom had their hands full with the power house known has MDK who had been laying them out in several Florida based promotions. They faired a bit better keeping Ushaka in the ring and making several timely tags. The duo got in trouble and MDK/Ushaka were able to isolate Mitchell from his corner for several minutes using questionable tactics. But nothing was able to keep Mitchell to the canvas. Boom finally tagged in but Jay Jon got his attention which led to a double team move that put Boom down for the count. Very impressive duo with a good manager guiding them.

(4)Angel Santos defeated QT Marshall

Florida based and current Ring of Honor competitor Marshall was a surprise addition to the card and a nice one to boot. Santos tried to intimidate Marshall and that backfired as Marshall used his experience to control the match. That was until Santos dropped Marshall’s left arm over the top rope followed by a suplex onto the ropes. Marshall fought back but got a knee into his gut followed by an abdominal stretch. Marshall escaped and went on the attack with a standing dropkick and corner moves for two. Marshall went up only to be stopped by Santos, which resulted in both men coming back down in a crash. Santos got in the last move with a gut buster type move to defeat Marshall.

(5) NWA North American Heavyweight champion “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas defeated “All Pro” Leo Gold.

Kahagas wasn’t sure what to make of the “Canadian Arena League star” Gold but it ended up becoming a brawl when after several power moves and tackles, the middle ring rope snapped out of place!! Kahagas took over with his own brand of power. Gold fought back and controlled the match going for a “field goal” but missed wide right. That allowed Kahagas to recover with a sunset flip for two. Kahagas went for the submission with an interesting looking armbar but Gold refused to quit. Gold went for a tackle but ran into a spinning heel kick and several hair splitting chest chops. Kahagas got the win with his Tokyo Driver and retained the championship.

(6) “The Blue Print” Matt Morgan defeated Kenneth Cameron.

Morgan was ready to go and on the first lockup, threw Cameron out to the second row. Cameron got back in the ring and tried a different approach but ran right into all seven feet of Morgan. Morgan grabbed Cameron by the hair and dragged him around the ring hitting all four top turnbuckles in succession. Cameron had major issues trying to figure out how to combat Morgan’s offense but got a slight break on the floor when he slid off Morgan’s shoulder and drove him into the ring post. Once the action returned to the ring Cameron crotched Morgan on the ropes and went to work on keeping Morgan grounded. The attack actually worked for several minutes and Morgan came close to passing out, but he fought to his feet. Only to be hit with a modified stunner but Cameron made a misstep and it allowed Morgan to recover. Morgan went for the chokeslam but Cameron got out and hit a leg lariat for two. Cameron got a bit cocky and punched Morgan several times talking British trash. That ended when Cameron went to the ropes and came off into the Carbon Footprint to put a damper on his evening.

(7) FUW Flash champion Lince Dorado & Mercedes Justine defeated Jesus DeLeon & La Rosa Negra.

This was under inter-gender rules and the girls actually fared well against their male counterparts. Dorado got in some kissing action with Negra which led to him getting dropped on his back by DeLeon. Negra is a champion in a couple of promotions and showed zero intimidation being in with Dorado. Negra and DeLeon made several timely tags working over Dorado but couldn’t get the three count. Somehow Dorado got some distance from DeLeon and tagged in Justine just as Negra joined the fray. All four entered and Dorado/Justine hit a double suplex on their opponents. Not be out done all four hit topes’ to the floor to the delight of the audience. Once the action returned to the ring the ladies punched it out as Dorado was hit a twisting neckbreaker for two. DeLeon put Dorado up top but when they came down it was Dorado who won with a Shooting Star press!!

(8) Jay Lethal defeated Maxwell Chicago.

Chicago used every dirty trick and “official rulebook” tactic to control Lethal and it didn’t work for several moments. That was until he hit what could be called a “low blow” and went to work on Lethal. However his bottom rope move backfired and he was hit with a T-bone suplex. Lethal hit his handspring but instead of the Lethal Injection, he hit a back elbow followed by a springboard dropkick that sent Chicago to the floor where Lethal followed with a tope’. Back in the ring Chicago hit another questionable move and got Lethal down for two. But Lethal hit a superkick, spinning heel kick into the Lethal Combination. Lethal won with the world famous Macho Man elbow drop.

(9) Jesse Sorenson & Nick Fame defeated NWA FUW Tag Team champions JD Maverick & James Alexander via DQ.

This was my first time seeing Sorenson in person since his horrific accident and he looks in tremendous shape. The champions traded tags working over Fame but he was able to tag out to Sorenson. Fame tagged himself back in and fell right back on the defensive against Maverick. Fame finally got a break hitting Alexander with a front suplex allowing a tag to Sorenson who went on the offensive. As Alexander was double teamed, Maverick went ringside and grabbed a chair which he used to hit Sorenson in the back, causing a DQ by the referee. In a post match tirade, Fame took to the mic to proclaim his team the tag team champions.

(10) In a challenge match, wrestling legend Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart & FUW Bruiserweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Kennedy Kendrick & Deimos (w/Camey &Ron Niemi).

Neidhart and Santee controlled the opening minutes until Santee went to the ropes and ran into Deimos’ knee. That allowed Kendrick to get in a cheap shot to take over the match. Deimos went move for move with the powerhouse Santee and shockingly kept control of the bout (no offense intended towards Deimos). Santee fought back with a modified Rock Bottom and tagged out to the well rested Neidhart who cleaned house. Santee finished the match off hitting Kendrick with the Big Dump and he allowed his partner to get the pinfall win.

(11) Brass Knuckles on a Pole match, The Grease (w/Sleazy) won the NWA FUW Heavyweight champion defeating Michael Tarver.

This is my first time seeing the Grease in person and he is an impressive looking wrestler, doesn’t hurt he has nice arm candy with him. Grease has accused Tarver of wearing brass knuckles and this match was set up to “even the odds” plus Tarver is also barred from using his “1.9 Punch” or he will forfeit the championship. He dared to insult the great David Penzer which seemed to anger the audience. He also gave half the front row nausea from his cigar. Tarver came out and said he didn’t need to get the KO because he was going to chokeout Grease.

The match itself was confusing as the brass knuckles were never placed on the pole, for some unannounced reason they were placed in a neutral corner. Tarver went to work on Grease’s left arm trying to break it. Grease fought back but Tarver hit a knee strike to the head and went back to the arm. Grease went to the floor to consult with Sleazy which made Tarver impatient. That backfired big time as Grease clipped Tarver’s knee sending him crashing to the floor. Once back in the ring, Grease went right to work on keeping Tarver grounded. Since it was a NO DQ bout, Sleazy interjected herself in slapping Tarver several times. The match went to the floor where Grease used a folding table and Tarver used a chair on Grease and himself. But Sleazy stopped another chair shot and it allowed Grease to hit Tarver with his briefcase. The action finally came back to the ring where Grease went to work on the injured back and ribs. Tarver fought back with several right forearm shots but backed off on the right hand punch. Sleazy tossed the brass knuckles in the ring and it allowed Grease to hit a low blow and get the knuckles. He used a power punch to hit Tarver but he kicked out just as referee Mikey Batts’ was going to hit for three. Grease was beside himself and it cost him as Tarver loaded up and tagged with a right hand punch. The referee counted the fall and was awarding the title to Tarver. But referee David Rector came out and told Batts what went down. By stipulation in the contract, Tarver lost and Grease is the new FUW Heavyweight champion.

FUW owner Dontay Brown came out and told Grease not to celebrate too much because he would be defending the title tomorrow in Kissimmee!!

Thanks to Dontay Brown and NWA FUW for allowing the coverage of this very well done event. Watch FUW on iPPV from Kissimmee, FL on 9/1 for only $9.95 by logging onto http://www.fuwrestling.com/

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