Column: WWE Week in Review

Sep 1, 2013 - by staff

WWE Week in Review

by Tom Daniels

The post-Summerslam fall-out continues. Let’s countdown!


As we found out this week, an “ironclad” contract doesn’t hold much weight in WWE. The Big Show, who supposedly is unable to be fired, certainly didn’t put up much of a fight with Triple H. Perhaps there was some fine, if not invisible, ink.


The feud between CM Punk and Paul Heyman just keeps getting better and better. The emotional-filled promos this week and the brawl between Punk and Curtis Axel on Raw was phenomenal. A Punk/Brock Lesnar rematch has to be coming in the future, however the road we take to get there could be very interesting!


The progression of the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton feud has great undertones of the Attitude Era. We’ve been McMahonless for long enough that their return to TV seems fresh. Bryan is the underdog and will eventually need someone to join his cause. I think this program can last until Wrestlemania. The vandalism of a car is classic Attitude!


AJ Lee lit up the Divas this week with a promo on Punk/Heyman levels. The Divas have needed a spark, and with “Total Divas” a hit, that might be enough to return the division to its glory days. I’d kind of like to see Victoria return and be the one to put AJ in her place. Lot’s of possibilities with an energized Divas division.


The pairing of Rob Van Dam and Ricardo Rodriguez is odd, however the idea that RVD will be world champ in a few weeks is not. I think it’s time for Del Rio to drop the gold. I predict RVD grabs the gold at Night of Champions and is immediately challenged by Damien Sandow. Sadly, as his recent streak shows, RVD will also defeat Sandow and move on to a program with someone new to the title picture scene.


This week Ryback’s highlight was getting rough with Josh Mathews. This bullying must be leading to something. My next prediction of the week: Ryback picks on the wrong person backstage who happens to be related to a Superstar, ideally a fellow heel. This heel will stand up to Ryback and their feud will ensue. Or, perhaps Goldberg himself will just happen to be backstage one day and put an end to the big bully.


I’m not quite sure what’s in store for the Miz. He suffered a loss to Randy Orton this week but grabbed a tag victory with Cody Rhodes over Fandango and Damien Sandow. He’s main-evented Wrestlemania but this year was downgraded to the WM pre-show and to serve as the host of Summerslam. The Miz is a capable star who needs more than hosting gigs.

I’d call this a bit of a down week, but as another pay-per-view looms on the horizon things should pick up again.

In case you missed them… RAW: Cody Rhodes & The Miz over Fandango & Damien Sandow… CM Punk over Curtis Axel… Brie Bella over Natalya… Rob Van Dam over Alberto Del Rio… Randy Orton over Christian… Titus O’Neil over Jack Swagger… Daniel Bryan over Seth Rollins… Daniel Bryan over Dean Ambrose by DQ… MAIN EVENT: Curtis Axel pinned Cody Rhodes… Prime Time Players over Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro… Kofi Kingston over Fandango by DQ… SUPERSTARS: Uso Brothers & Justin Gabriel over 3MB… Antonio Cesaro over Dolph Ziggler… NXT: Tyler Breeze over CJ Parker… Emma over Summer Rae… Scott Dawson over Enzo Amore… Adrian Neville over Conor O’Brian… SMACKDOWN: Randy Orton over Miz… Rob Van Dam over Damien Sandow… The Shield over Dolph Ziggler… Wyatt Family over Tons of Funk… Daniel Bryan over Ryback by DQ.

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