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Miz TV opened Smackdown.

His guests were Big Show and Dolph Ziggler who refused to say anything bad about HHH. HHH then came out. He announced for tonight, Miz vs. randy Orton, Dolph Zigger vs. all three Shield members, Show has to sit at ringside and can’t do anything. Miz had to call Orton the future of the WWE.

Orton b Miz with the RKO . The Shield came down and attacked Miz, but Daniel Bryan saved by cleaning house with a chair. Crowd super over for Bryan.

Vickie Guerrero was mad at Daniel Bryan and said he was a bully, so set him up for a match later in the show with Ryback.

RVD b Damien Sandow with a frog splash.

Alberto Del Rio cut a promo on RVD and Ricardo Rodriguez

The Shield beat Ziggler 3-on-1. Rollins power bombed Ziggler into the corner and Reigns speared him. Then they gave Ziggler the Triple Power bomb. Show was sitting there but not allowed to do anything.

Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman cut a promo for Night of Champions. Heyman’s promo said to be great.

Erick Rowan & Luke Harper b Brodus Clay & Tensai. Bray Wyatt laid out Tensai with the downward spiral after the match.

Daniel Bryan b Ryback via DQ when Randy Orton interfered. Bryan put the Yes lock on Orton. The Shield attacked Bryan. Big Show went to hit the ring but HHH ordered him to leave. They argued, but he did leave. HHH then told Shield and Orton to continue beating down Bryan. Orton spray painted something on Bryan’s chest and Orton stood over Bryan to end the show.

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9 Responses

  1. Y_set says:

    This sucks. It’s Triple H power trip storyline again. I hate it in 2003 and I hate it now.

  2. WhatIdo says:

    Couldnt agree more about the power trip. And I hate how they are completely ignoring Big Show’s “Iron Clad” contract storyline. It would make for a good balance of power against HHH.

  3. The Sheild says:

    Hahaha the heel boss gimmick hasn’t worked in years, neutral GM’s with balanced agendas would be better, Orton & the Shield should be top heels here not HHH

  4. dave says:

    This is nothing like the power trip storyline. This is HHH turning into Vinnie Mac circa 1997. The story is, the one time degenerate is now the man he originally went against. Of course, things have changed, HHH has been heel/face/heel/face… but it works.

    The genuine hatred of HHH can pour through – which there still seems to be a lot – and we get to see a nice storyline where Bryan is getting so over, he’s the most popular guy in the WWE. The Shield are getting amazing exposure and Orton is a legitimate champion because the devices HHH has put in place for him to dominate. It’s genius.

    Some fans cried for change and although it’s a rehashed storyline from 15 years ago – and most storylines are rehashed, same with movies – it just works currently.

    Plus you get Ziggler, Big Show, Christian, Miz and maybe Punk, Cena, Heyman all involved…it looks good.

  5. Shacoria J says:

    Honestly Im not liking this the Shield is way over without the help of the mcmahon crap. I dont see why they have to all the sudden play security for the bosses itz against everything they stand for. But whatever I guess we just be on standby and by the way after that GOLDEN promo she had on monday Im surprised to not see any Aj lee apperance hmmmm……………………

  6. Chewie215 says:

    Spray paint???, nwo again???

  7. mth says:

    dave gets it.

  8. trypz says:

    I don’t get why Ricardo is with RVD. RVD doesn’t need him, plus Ricardo is a waste.

  9. Tim Steed says:

    See, I always took it that The Shield’s opinion on ‘Justice’ was whatever they felt like doing at the time, or almost an excuse or way of justifying the wrongs of their actions. The term ‘Justice’ doesn’t actually make anything they do right. The Shield playing security for Randy Orton works and is totally realistic because they are not superheroes trying to right people’s wrongs. They get to pick apart opponents, this time without consequences, so why would they not help Triple H and Randy Orton?

    On a side note, Triple H, love him or hate him… Is showing what a damn good heel he is.

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