Impact Spoilers

Aug 29, 2013 - by staff

Untelevised pre-show jay bradley and Michael hutter, Bradley won

Bully ray put with aces and eights. Talking about devon. He wants to know what happened. He’s angry and sad that Devon is gone. Bully says Devon was just his sidekick and he doesn’t need him and never did. Bullys ladyfriend joins. Seems like dissent between bully and Anderson.

Next is kaz vs Jeff hardy. Good match! Jeff won with swanton

Next is odb vs Gail kim. Gail Kim wins by submission. Really short match but not terrible. Oh wait it’s best out of 3 pins. Odb gets a surprise pin. Odb gets the win by submission. Good match

MEM comes put for obligatory mma schilling. They thank aj and he comes out. I don’t think he joined them. He goes on and tells us why. He has trust issues. He did not join in with main event mafia

Spontaneous YES chant, lol

Aj vs bobby roode. Aj wins via surprise roll up. Great match.

A ref is coming to the ring..?

Aries vs daniels. Aries won. That was a hell of a match

Welp, hulk hogan is here. I think everyone just died. He brought out bully ray. He said he used Brooke hogan to get the belt.

Hogan makes a match in 2 weeks that bully will fight a member of aces for the belt. This week it’s him vs sting for the belt. Sting comes out and the tassel, bully leaves.

Jay bradley again vs Eric young. Ey was great! Beat the heck outta that guy!

Mickie James in the ring just talking up Cleveland. Odb comes out, and they fight.

Bully and aces out again. He talks about how great they are. I think this is the second taping.

Sabin vs knox. Knox brought in a hammer sabin grabbed it away and hit him, got dq’d

Hernandez vs. Jay bradley for a third magical time

Joe parks and Ey are out… Ey is ringside, Park is wrestling bradley

Oh the is a whatsit match, a rumble.

Anderson is out next. Or a Royale, whatever. People coming out all over the place. Joe next. Cleans house. Aj in. Joe Park out. Kaz in. Anderson in, Daniels in. Nandez out, hardy in. Roode in, Bradley in. Magnus in. Joe and Hardy out. Kaz out. Magnus out. Aries out, Roode out. Daniels out. Aj wins.

Daniels bleeding slightly from head wound, nothing serious

Storm and his dude cane out but got ambushed by aces. And now it’s a proper match. Aces used a weapon behind refs back to win. Aj styles picking his opponent for no surrender. He picked Austin Aries yeah

Also there will be magnus vs roode at no surrender.

Bully ray vs sting now. Bully says it’s not a title match but hogan comes out. Says Ortiz not allowed at ringside. Made it a no dq. Bully took the padding off the ring. Sting had figure four in but aces ran out. Main event mafia followed. The two brawl backstage. Two factions, bully and sting still in ring. Anderson at ringside with hammer, ref takes it, sting wins with figure 4. Anderson berates bully, says they will fight for title.

Last match for xplosion. Kaz vs nandez. Kaz won

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