Ted DiBiase Sr. on Ted Jr. leaving WWE, son gets a new job

Aug 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– Ted DiBiase Jr. has accepted an executive position with CollegeGarageSale.com, a subsidiary of Jackson, Missouri-based BFAC, LLC. DiBiase had the following to say about his new job.

– WWE hall of famer Ted DiBiase has addressed his son’s decision not to re-up with WWE on his official website. DiBiase said that Ted Jr.’s decision wasn’t due to problems with WWE but rather a matter of wanting to spend time with his family:

“As many of you know, my son, Ted Jr. has decided not to re-sign with the WWE. His decision is not based on dissatisfaction with the WWE, but a decision based on not wanting to spend so much of his life away from his family. I applaud that decision. As much as I loved the wrestling business, being away from my family and the temptations that come along with it, nearly destroyed me and my family. I never wanted my sons to be in the business for that very reason. But I knew that I had to let them find out for themselves. The birth of Ted’s first son, did just that. Yes, I still love wrestling and so does Ted Jr. But, “Everything has a price!” My son learned more quickly than I did, that the price of fame is often far greater than the rewards!!”

credit: 411mania.com/wrestling

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