Aug 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

The Reddit user who goes by the name of Dolphins1925 and who leaks WWE
pay-per-view results just before each match, released a statement
explaining his motives. “My motive has been simple: To draw attention to a
very important problem and ongoing issue within the WWE industry, while
concurrently abstaining from turning the community into a circus act,”
Dolphins1925 wrote in a post on the Squared Circle forum of the popular
website. He said he had not responded to messages, e-mails, and requests
for interviews because he doesn’t want to be the spotlight of attention,
but rather to draw awareness “to the inexcusable, insultingly obvious
schemes that are taking place behind the scenes of the WWE.” After
correctly guessing all 35 WWE pay-per-view matches from Elimination
Chamber in February up until July, the user posted 3 results from
SummerSlam matches prior to going on the air. He said his source was
telling him that many of the match outcomes at SummerSlam were being
changed at the last minute to discredit him rather than to flush out the
mole that is distributing results to a select group of online individuals.
“I am confident that if I went silent, the leaks would continue
full-throttle, and the frankness of the product would continue to be
compromised,” he wrote. “For this reason, I think the attention should be
diverted from me and rather on the mole himself.” You can read the full
statement at

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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