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Spoilers: WWE Superstars taping results

The Usos and Justin Gabriel def 3 MB with Gabriel winning with his 360 splash from the top rope.

Also there was an amazing match between Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro taped for Superstars. This was a great back and forth match PPV quality. Cesaro won the match where the threw Ziggler in the air and hit with a upper cut as Ziggler was coming down. then Cesaro won the match with a Gotch style face buster. This was a four star match.


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  1. King says:

    360 Splash??

  2. HDFC says:

    WWE’s booking with Cesaro makes no sense. One week he is having a 20 minute match with Daniel Bryan, another week he is jobbing in a 5 minute matches to Darren Young or losing to the Usos, and another week he is beating Dolph Ziggler. It’s like WWE acknowledges that he is one of the top 5 wrestlers in the company but can’t push him correctly. IMO, they have should have Swagger turn face and split from him because Cesaro seems like a jobber tag wrestler but an upper mid-card singles wrestler.

  3. Mimura says:

    strange booking…….if this did indeed happen….I’m not so much angry, as I am confused….

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