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Video: Ted DiBiase Jr. Leaves WWE

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  1. trevh says:

    good luck ted, enjoy being a dad and enjoy the time with your family

  2. Asterik says:

    Such good potential talent wasted, he was gold while he was in Legacy.

  3. ~J* says:

    good luck man.

  4. Meh says:

    Bronson is also gone.

    Former NXT wrestler James Bronson spoke with Robert „The Krupy“ Krupar from about his serious injury.

    The Krupy: Recently, a lot of conflicting reports concerning your injuries have surfaced online. Your thoughts on that?

    Bronson: I’m not sure who is reporting what, but the reason it would be „conflicting“ is because no one has ever actually asked me about the injury. A lot of people in WWE still don’t know what happened, so there’s no way people outside the company would have any idea. But just so that there’s no further fake confusion, here’s the deal. I legally cannot discuss how the injury happened, but it didn’t happen during a match. I’m allowed to say that. The doctor informed me that on a severity scale of 1-10 it was a 9.5-10, and I needed surgery ASAP. Basically all the spongy tissue in my L4-L5 disc shot out and pinned my spinal cord nerves. There’s a difference between wear and tear, and horrible injuries. I knocked this one out of the park, it was a terrible injury. It started with me not being able to put my socks on, and two days before surgery I couldn’t walk anymore. I don’t recommend it. Surgery was pretty amazing, I felt better immediately afterwards and was able to walk without pain for the first time in 6 months. If it wasn’t for Dr. Maroon and his staff, I’d probably be crippled. I’m not 100% better yet, but I will make a full recovery. However, my contract recently expired and I’m not going back to developmental with my back like this. That would be stupid.


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