Final “Rock Of Jericho” recap

Aug 25, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:It has been my honor &
pleasure to cover as many episodes that I could [unless I was away on vacation of
sorts & missed it] of his show for those that either don’t get XM Radio, or for whatever the reason, don’t get a chance to hear the show. If the show ever returns in any way I hope to do my best to cover it for fans again. Also for those that wanna hear the M. Shadows segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:01 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says this is a celebration to where it’s bitter sweet. He says it’s the last show #97 & calls that pretty

Jericho says if you can live with #97 of anything he’ll take it, says what a show he has to where the final guest’s to talk about
the upcoming CD that’ll be out Tuesday [8/27] “Hail To The King” [HTTK]: is Avenged
Sevenfold’s [AS] M. Shadows: who’ll be on the show. He asks on how much bigger of a guest can he get, says the answer’s none to where it has been a great run & says 1 of his favorite things is playing all the
great tunes. He says since it’s his show he’ll
do a 1-2 punch from “Sin & Bones” [S&B]: with “Spider In My Mouth”.

Jericho says after that he’ll play
“Sandpaper” with Shadows & Fozzy on the
last show, says “last show” 3 times to where
it starts now & says here we go.

2.Plays Fozzy’s “Spider In My Mouth”, Fozzy & M. Shadows’ “Sandpaper”.

3.Jericho calls “Sandpaper” an amazing track that’s from S&B to where he won’t call it great songwriting on it, but says Shadows did some arranging on it & says
there’s a big musical section that he originally had in it when sending Shadows the demo. He says Shadows advised him to
remove it which would be best, says he
thought Shadows was right to where it’s
straight to the point with direct R&R insanity & says Shadows will be on later. He
again says it’s the last show ever to where
it’ll be a good 1, says he’ll play some Metallica & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show that’s on XM 242, says if you’re
wondering on why the show’s ending it’s due to XM 242’s ending & says the Sixx Sense channel:
is done. He says it’ll be syndicated but the
channel itself will be gone as of 8/31 to
where today’s the last day for his show, asks if the show will ever return & says he don’t know. He says the worse thing’s that
he was originally gonna have Lars Ulrich on
the show but can’t due to the cancellation,
plugs Metallica’s “Through The Never” movie which’ll be out 9/27: & calls it an amazing concert/concept film.

Jericho says it’s like the movies “The Wall”: & “The Song Remains The Same”: , says he’s keeping the theme of the shows end & then
plays “The End Of The Line” from Metallica’s
“Death Magnetic”: .

4.Plays Metallica’s “The End Of The Line”,
Black Veil Brides’ “In The End” & Anthrax’s
“In The End”.

5.Jericho says Anthrax’s “In The End” is from
“Worship Music”: & Black Veil Brides’ “In The End” is from “Wretched & Divine”: , again
says it’s the shows end & says to not be sad
about it. He says he had a great run with 97
shows to where it’s a lot, says he had great
guests & mentions Slash: , Billy Corgan: , Bruce Kulick: & , Corey Taylor: , Matt Tuck: & , Adrian Smith: & Chad Smith: .

Jericho says he has had many amazing guests to where he again says Shadows will
be on later, says the big part of the show
was your requests to where he appreciated
it & says he’ll keep up after
the show’s over. He says you can continue
sending him get well & how are you doing messages on there, says that wanted to hear Warrant’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” & calls it a good request for the last show to where
he now plays it.

6.Plays Warrant’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” &
Pantera’s “This Love”.

7.Jericho says wanted to
hear “This Love”, says he remembers Fozzy playing “This Love” at last years Uproar as a
tribute to Dimebag Darrell in Dallas & says
Aaron Lewis sang while Mike Mushok played guitar. He says Mike’s now in Newsted, says he’ll play some Stryper as well as hearing for the last time, the
“Jericho’s iPod” segment to where he does the jingle for it & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again plugs
his Twitter, says it’s appropriate that the last request he’ll do is Stryper’s “In God We
Trust” [IGWT] & says Michael Sweet who was on the show: & to where he was
a great guest. He says on 1 of the shows is
when Frank Bello never called in, says it’s
where he was looking for a quest to where
he called everyone on his phone & says that’s when Michael texted him to where within 5 minutes, became a guest on the show. He calls him a great guy to where he
plugs “No More Hell To Pay”: .

Jericho says the CD will be out in November
to where it’s super heavy, says you’ll love it
& says he wishes to still have the show to play it, but he won’t. He says he’ll play IGWT
which was requested by & then plays it.

8.Plays Stryper’s “In God We Trust”.

9.Jericho says IGWT has an amazing scream
by Sweet to where he again says crazy4jericho requested it, again says it’s the shows final request & says it’s a sad day
but it’s also a big day to where he again says Shadows will be on later. He says he’ll do something for the last time, then says
there maybe other times & again does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle. He asks if you’d
ever thought that when 1st doing that jingle 1 & 1/2 years ago that it lasted as long as it did, says he had nothing for a jingle to where he wanted something special & says he came up with this segment
to where he made up the jingle & actually
remembered it the following week.

Jericho says that’s the key to where it’s not
just making up a great jingle, says it is a great jingle & says by remembering it the next week which’s important to where he
again does the jingle. He says he’ll play Iron
Maiden’s “Back In The Village” that’s from
“Powerslave”: ,
calls it a good 1 that was written by Bruce Dickinson & Adrian Smith & again calls Adrian a ROJ alumni. He then plays the song.

10.Plays Iron Maiden’s “Back In The Village”,
Ozzy Osbourne’s “Devil’s Daughter” & Motley Crue’s “Danger”.

11.Jericho says “Danger” is from his boss
Nikki Sixx to where it’s always 1 of his favorite Motley Crue songs, says it wasn’t a
hit & says it’s from “Shout At The Devil”: to where it’s an
obscure track. He says he don’t know if they’ve played it live but loves it, says that
“Devil’s Daughter’ is from the 1st CD that
Zakk Wylde ever played on & calls him another ROJ alumni: . He says the
song’s from “No Rest For The Wicked”: to where he
makes sounds from the song, says the “waa
waa” sound is his & says to leave his “waa
waa” alone.

Jericho says he’ll play some Saxon to where
he again says Shadows will be on later, again says this is the last show & then takes
another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again it’s on XM 242, again says it’s episode #97 & again
calls it the last episode. He plugs Saxon’s upcoming tour:
that starts 9/12 which’s their 1st US tour in
10 years with Fozzy opening for them, plugs for tour dates [or just
go on their tour link]: & says even
though you won’t hear him weekly anymore, you can still see him do other stuff. He calls Saxon 1 of metals pioneers that has been around for over 30 years with
many great tunes & asks on what songs they’ll play live on the tour.

Jericho plugs to where
you can pick songs for their setlist [or go on
their setlist link]: , again plugs to where you can choose 1
song for their shows & says you have to love the cyber world to where there’s fan
interaction at it’s finest. He says if you’re
going to a Metallica show: you’ll see the song they play before they go on stage is
Saxon’s “Heavy Metal Thunder” & then plays the song.

12.Plays Saxon’s “Heavy Metal Thunder” &
“Devil Rides Out”.

13.Jericho says “Devil Rides Out” is from
“Innocence Is No Excuse”: to where it’s a cool song, says that sometimes they’ll play it live & again plugs to choose what songs you wanna hear them do on stage. He says to also see Fozzy play
with Saxon in September, says that
AS will be touring in September doing their HTTK CD to where he again says will be out 8/27 & says Shadow’s coming up next to talk about it. He says you don’t wanna miss it to where it’ll be huge & takes
another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone to where it’s a few days before the CD comes out & says it’s M. Shadows to where he asks on how’s it going. Shadows says it’s going great, asks Jericho on how he’s doing
& Jericho says he’s doing good. He calls this
super exciting times to where he again says
it’s the shows last episode, says he wanted to end it off with a bang & asks on who else
could he call but 1 of the biggest rock stars
on the planet. He says since that guy wasn’t available he then called Shadows, Shadows
agrees & Jericho again says these are exciting times to where he again says HTTK
comes out 8/27.

Jericho asks Shadows on how excited is he
about it, Shadows says he’s good to where
it was a ton of work & says AS was hanging
out & doing the whole thing. He says they
had their noses to the grindstone to where
they worked away by sitting in the studio for 10 hours daily for quite a few months. He says it’s nice touring to when the CD’s
out, it’ll remove lots of weight from their
shoulders & says fans will either love or hate it, but it won’t matter. Jericho says when making a CD it’s something that the
band will love, says most of time’s when you’re following your instincts that’s when
fans will love it too & says when Shadows
started working on it 1 & 1/2 years ago,
there was a certain goal & vibe in mind on
what he wanted it to be.

Jericho asks Shadows on how he wanted it
to be a total groove style of a CD that’s different then what they’ve done, Shadows
says they looked at the state of lots of metal while listening to the metal that they
grew up hearing. He says when he talks metal it’s a different term then what young
fans use nowadays, says he was looking for
that big recording, snap to the drums, over
the top drums & guitar tones & says it’s not
a sub-guitar tone, but an edgy guitar tune
that kinda had an old school Metallica 90s/
late 80s guitar sound. He says you’ll see
producers coming in & trying to get bulky
recordings to where he feels sounds cluttered & muddy.

Shadows says he wanted to go away from it
to where they studied old CDs while learning from what he calls “the masters” so they can put together a CD, again says it
can be an early 90s/late 80 sound & says it
can sound like it was done in 2013. He says that’s what they went for, says you can’t write songs that’s over the top because you
have to pull back a bit while getting some groove into the songs & says it can be more
riff oriented if you’re making those kind of
recordings. He says it’s 1 piece at a time to
where the song can’t go a million miles per
minute while thinking you’re getting a big
drum sound & says it’ll clutter everything to
where they’re just building blocks.

Shadows says 1 thing at a time to where he
feels it came out better then they expected
due to having an advanced vision of it, says
when it really comes to terms it’s like “oh my God, it’s not what I imagined, but maybe
it’s better then I imagined” & Jericho asks if
they started the CD for sonic reasons due to
wanting it to sound different from what most CDs sound nowadays. Shadows says it’s a bit of everything to where they see if
Arin [Ilejay] was gonna do a double kick 1
million miles per minute, it’s where you can’t have a big kick drum & says it’ll sound
like you might as well play some dumb stuff.
He says it’ll sound like “gaze in your face” &
says if they didn’t want the small kick drum,
they need to sit & pull back a bit.

Shadows says it was about building blocks
to where at the end of the day, none of it
matters if you don’t have good melodies &
riffs & says the whole time’s when you’re trying to put the pieces together. He says
sometimes it’s got 3 out of 4 things you need to where you have to walk away from
it, says the painstaking part on writing’s for
so long’s that throwing away riffs that are
almost there & says they ain’t there. He says
they don’t fit well on what you’re looking for, Jericho asks if the songs that he wrote
had him thinking that it’s good but it ain’t
fitting the vibe to where he throws it away & starts again & Shadows says it’s like that
all the time.

Shadows says they usually don’t get that
far down the line to where usually it’s when
there’s something urking 1 of them, says after 1 day of working on it it’s like “yeah
you know” & says he himself was feeling that way too. He says it’s nice to start fresh
at times when knowing you’re going down
the road to where it’ll be tough, says it’ll be
rare that it’ll work out & says they usually throw it away as soon as they feel weird about it. Jericho asks if it’s Shadows & [Synyster] Gates together in a room in a
“what do you got” type of a thing, Shadows
agrees to where both work together a lot &
says Zacky [Vengeance] & Johnny [Christ] was working with them too.

Shadows calls it 1 of those things to where
they have prophets, says they go with it to
where everyone comes in with their opinions on things & says everyone’s on the
same vibe. He says they can’t be like “hey,
Matt [Wendt] is working on this & Johnny’s
working on some primus riff”, says you have
to be on the same page in terms of adjectives that is to describes & says all of
them use references of other bands. He says
it’s when he thinks of bright & snappy drums it’s far & beyond driven, says that’s what he thinks & says if Gates is thinking
“oh I thought it was a Mr. Pogo drum sound” & again says you have to work on the same page on how your describing words.

Jericho asks if it was difficult or different for him because The Rev wrote lots for AS,
says this is the 1st CD Shadows did without
The Rev’s input since he died & asks if it was
something that was hard to do or was it something that was picked up with some
of The Rev’s things that he left with AS so
they can go in his direction. He asks on how
was it writing without The Rev, Shadows says it was all of the above to where it was
more sad then anything & says he knew The
Rev could write songs. He says he, Gates &
others wrote “Waking The Fallen” [WTF]: & “City Of Evil: to where Jimmy [The Rev] had not much to do with

Shadows says The Rev stepped in for a couple of things, says with “The White Album” [“Avenged Sevenfold”]: is where The Rev started writing & feels it’s where they’re the best songs on the CD. Jericho asks on which songs are they, Shadows says
“Afterlife”, “A Little Piece Of Heaven” [ALPOH] & “Brompton Cocktail” & says in his opinion, the CD’s about “Afterlife”. He says he wrote “Critical Acclaim” & ALPOH,
says to him those are the greatest on the CD to where maybe it was just a funk & says
that “Nightmare”: was evenly placed.

Shadows says “Nightmare” was more him &
Gates, says “Welcome To The Family” [WTTF] was Jimmy & says it’s 1 of the things
to where he gets back to the bare bones of what they wanted to do. He says it was 1 of those things to where they were very deep to where it was like “man, will you be done with this record right now?”, says with Rev he would’ve brought in 3 songs & says
there would’ve been no way he wouldn’t have 3 songs to fit the vibe. He says it was sad that they had to continue to where it was a bum out, says it was due to not
getting Rev’s input on what he would’ve brought to the songs & says even though they were ones that Rev wouldn’t have written.

Shadows says Rev would’ve said “hey lets do this”, says with drumsticks it would’ve been like he really wished we could’ve
known what Rev’s input would’ve been.
Jericho says it’s 1 of those things to where
it’s a tough CD to make, says he could see
they had no choice & guess that Shadows will always have Rev’s vibe. He says when working with someone like that it’d be like
“what would Jimmy do, maybe he would put
this here, would he put that there”. He asks
Shadows that if times when writing little bits due to Rev’s influence & if Rev influenced him as a songwriter & Shadows says yes. He says when knowing someone that long, you’d know them inside & out.

Shadows says the cool thing about Rev was
that he always evolved to where he came up with things that were different, says it’s
something you’ll never tap into & says the things he came up with vocally & melody wise were some things he would’ve liked &
got excited about. He says those things exists on those CDs as well as knowing that
Rev would’ve high fived them on, says he knows they exist on the CDs & mentions someone named “Gem The Body” to when
he hears some parts, he’s like “man that sounds like a melody that Jimmy would write”. He calls it cool because “Gem” grew
up with Jimmy too to where he knows by
coming from a friend, he’d say “man, that
reminds me of Jimmy”.

Shadows calls it cool to where it’ll forever
be embedded in their sound, Jericho says
Rev will always live thru AS’s music past,
present & future & says he heard HTTK a
while ago. He says he loved what they did on it as far as changing to the groove that’s
got more riff related, says it’s still very much AS to where there’s still something that they do that nobody else does & says
the HTTK song will be amazing to sing live.
He says it’s got that anthemic type chorus to it, Shadows says it’s 1 of those things to
where it’s the most outside the box song on
it for them & says when they started writing
it, they wondered “is this too simple, is this
too right?”.

Shadows says they worked on the riff & guitar while going thru the thing to where they wanted to make it blusey, says it’s 1 of
those things that you’d go from
“Nightmare” to where it’s like “what the hell are these guys doing, what’s going on?”
& says they put it together with the chorus
with the HTTK term, it started feeling like this big anthem. He says they never really were into anthems to where it’s like “hey,
lets get out there & do ‘School’s Out'”, says
it started feeling right to where they play it
& you’d have to go down this route & says it’s not for any other reason but to see on
how it turns out due to not being down that route before.

Shadows says they thought of trying to finish the song up to where he knows it feels uncomfortable & weird, says it’ll add to your arsenal & says it turned out with the recording to where it got huge. He says
it’s got the message to the way they imagined it turning it out live, says fans dig
it & says it’s got lots of upside. He says when rehearsing it that’s where it fits right
into it to where it feels heavier, says it’s due
to the drums getting bigger & says when the guitars come out, that’s when it’s fun.
Jericho then plays HTTK now.

14.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The

15.Jericho says the thing that’s cool about
HTTK’s that Shadows can put the song in between WTTF & “Beast & The Harlot”, says it’ll give the set more dynamics as a live show & Shadows agrees. He says he can’t wait for this to where you’d put the CD out,
says when fans start hearing it you’d think
it’s when the internet gets a buzz & says that’s when everyone knows the song. He says when going on live it’s when fans don’t
know it yet, says it takes a while to sink in to actual fans & says that’s when it’s like 1 of the their own. He says he’s excited for 3
months to 1 year down the line when a song like this is a part of the set & says it’s
when fans know it.

Shadows says he imagines it’ll be insane,
Jericho says that’s when it becomes like evergreen to where it’s when you’d have to
play it at every show & Shadows agrees. He says he & Jericho can talk about this 3 years
from now to where he’ll then say how much
he hates it, Jericho says it’s like “I gotta play
that again?” & says it’s funny because he’ll
say a word that Shadow will hate which’s
“maturity”. He says it’s when the maturity of the band’s really showing to when AS 1st
started very fast to when they were a metal
core band, says after that they’re more of the AS sound but where it’s got some Helloween influeneces & says it’s now about
whatever riff, beat or “4 on the floor”.

Jericho says the CD will probably be AS’s biggest CD ever due to it, asks Shadows if he hates the word “mature” like he does & also asks if he knows where Jericho’s coming from. Shadows agrees to where lots
of bands used the word “mature” to describe themselves while putting out bad
CDs, says it was boring, simple CDs that weren’t good & says the difference between
a simple & good CD, is that it’s a fine line. He says the parts have to be great & memorable, says the song has to be put together in a way that don’t feel like some pop, sell out crap & says “Sandpaper” is a good example to where they put out a simpler song that worked.

Shadows says he felt it was a mature song
but it don’t give maturity a bad name, calls
the “Black” album: a mature CD to where it don’t feel like that it gives mature a bad name & says there’s other CDs that’s
like “OK, mature, what does that mean? Does that mean you’re softening it up & you’re taking 1 bad part & doing it over & over?”. He says he agrees with what Jericho
said to where they’re mature CDs, says he
hopes AS don’t do that & Jericho calls it funny because when mentioning the “Black”
album, that’s when Fozzy did S&B to where it was their templet too. He says it’s not the
same way that AS did it but they wanted it to fit a vibe & tone.

Jericho says the “Black” album is not that they changed the style of what they did but
every song fit, says it works as a musical journey & says when it 1st came out, he hated it. He says it’s due to Metallica being
known for “The Frayed Ends Of Sanity”,
“The Shortest Straw” & “Dyers Eve”, says it
had to be long & fast to where they took it
away & says he now calls it 1 of their best CDs due to the mature sound. He says AS are known for having ALPOH &
“Nightmare” to where there’s prog elements to it, asks if there’s still some of it on the CD or if it’s all having a certain vibe on it to where it’s a “4 on the floor” groove type of CD.

Shadows says they do exist on it due to the
reason for it’s that other bands that have done it too, says he sees Elton John’s
“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”: where it’s got lots of stuff on it but it’s also prog in it’s own way & says there’s great songwriting that you can’t call it strictly pop or prog. He says for example on the song “Funeral For A Friend” or “Candle In The Wind” to where
both are simple in their ways but they’re both genius, says there’s great musicianship
to where they’re well thought out song
structures & says if you take deep into the feel, this is an AS CD to where if you see it on the surface value of it.

Shadows mentions in example of HTTK to where it’s simple, says then you’d write it off & says it’s when everyone does CDs that take the next step. He says he wouldn’t call
Rolling Stones a mature pop band but if you see their songs, they’re as simple as it
gets to where they’re brilliant & says there’re aspects of it. He says AS tries not to say “OK, here’s HTTK & we’re throwing
‘Save Me’ after it”, says their CD’s written as a CD to where he sees this with tracks 1 to 5 needed to fit together like a big song &
says he’ll break it into 5 songs. He says it’s now not 1 song but just 5 songs & says when hearing the CD as a whole you see there’s lots of things occuring.

Shadows it’s not to a point where it’s a sell
out CD, Jericho says it pisses him off when hearing that a “so & so” band’s putting out
EPs or a single due to albums being dead &
disagrees on that. He says he understands the concept of technology to what other bands do but still likes the album as a piece of work & art, says with song 1 leading from
2 to 10 which takes you on a musical journey & says everything’s sequenced & in
order to where it has been paid attention to. He says it gives a full experience of the new AS sound, says knowing Shadows like he does he guarantees he put lots of time into the CD’s concept from song 1 to 10 & asks if that’s true.

Shadows says yes because it’s the 1st that they looked at it from a perspective of an
example, they’re writing track 7 for today
because they know what fits from tracks 1 to 4 & says they never did that before. He says they always saw it as a whole, says they
had 11 or 12 songs on the CD & says as they
put it together, they saw when he went from track 8 to 9 he wanted to skip track 9 & go to track 10. He says he calls that maturity to when they were young, it was when everything they wrote it had to be on it & says they know see that they should do
what’s best for the CD as a whole. He calls the CD as a song & Jericho says that’s what makes it a classic CD.

Jericho says he wants to play something else from HTTK, asks Shadows on what song
he’d like to hear & Shadows says “Shepherd
Of Fire” to where Jericho now plays.

16.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “Shepherd Of

17.Jericho says “And you know it’s right” to
where he says there’s a part in the song that you’d hear in the background, says when saw AS mix the song they put that in it & says it blew him away. He says you can’t
hear it at 1st but when starting to do it while raising the mix of it, that’s a cool
“we’re coming to this town”/Pantera type of thing in the background & says AS spent
lots of time on the song that day to where he saw how much of a leader Shadows was in the studio. He asks Shadows if he did it on every song by spending lots of time as far as putting little details on little bits into the mix, Shadows says yes & says it’s where
he wanted to kill himself.

Shadows says it’s why AS was there for 3 weeks to mix 2 songs, says that Andy [Wallace] killed it to where he flamed it away all day & says when AS came in to where they had their ideas & visions of what needs to occur. He then mentions Andy as Andy Wallace to where he calls him
a great guy, mixer & talent, says at the same time they have a vision to where they
worked on it for 10 to 12 months & says Andy’s got a vision when coming in cold to
where he hasn’t heard anything because he
has to mix the CD. He says there’s 5 guys in there to where some of them are either drunk or sober & says they’re dealing with it all night.

Shadows calls it a blast to where he’s happy
that Andy was able to do what AS was going for on the CD, says Andy heard their
stellar CD that he mixed for them to where it sounds different then the original & says
lots of it was due to their vision while sticking with it. He says Jericho saw this to
where it’s all about getting it right, says you
don’t wanna drop the ball on the 1 yard line because you’ve only got 1 chance & says you can always return for a remix. He says if something’s urking you in the studio
then just get it done, Jericho says it last forever when putting out a CD & says it don’t go away. He calls “Shepherd Of Fire” a great song.

Jericho calls it a cool opening track because
it sets the tone on what AS does on the CD,
says it’s got great riffs with big sounding drums & says Shadows vocals are always amazing. He says there’s not as many harmonies & stack tracks that he’s used to hearing from AS, Shadows says that was the big part of the process by going to the blues & rock sound & away from the Queen
sound & says he loves Queen to where they’ve done it on many CDs, but if you’re gonna have that “in your face” vocals it’s like guitars. He says it’s because you can’t
pile too many on top of each other & says there’s only so much space coming from the

Shadows says if you want that vocal “in your face” to where it’s got the grit, says if you wanna chew the vocal chords to where it’s gotta be 1 vocal & says it’s gotta be loud
& clear in your face. Jericho says it’s amazing on what you learn as a musician thruout the years, says when 1st starting it’s about “oh I wanna put this track in there & this’ll be loud, this’ll be loud” & says
you see that as he learned a couple of years
ago, there’s only so much real estate
“available” on every song. He says when wanting a louder bass you have to cut down
10 guitar or vocal tracks, Shadows says it makes everything smaller & says it’s funny
because he & Gates talked about it.

Shadows says they’re like “we’re not sure if
we’re really smarter for figuring it out or if
we’re really dumb”, Jericho says Shadows finally started hearing those that tell them
the whole time & Jericho says that’s the thing on working with Andy while being in the studio with him. He says he remembers
Andy’s name due to Sepultura’s “Chaos A.D.”: & from hearing on all the years of hearing music,
says he Googled Andy’s name while he sat in there & saw on all the CDs he did. He says
there’s amazing people like Paul McCartney
at the top of the list & says that Shadows was talking & ordering someone that worked with GNR & McCartney.

Jericho calls it cool stuff & hollowed ground,
Shadows says you can boss around all day
because it ain’t worse then what Axl [Rose]
did & Jericho agrees. He says if you worked
with Axl then Shadows is a breeze, Shadows
agrees to where it’s like “this guy’s a chump
dude, this is nothing” & Jericho asks on how
excited Shadows is to return to tour while taking the music to fans worldwide. Shadows calls it funny because while they
mixed they felt like their work to where lots
of their stuff’s mixing stuff, says it was time
to focus on their attention on live shows &
says while they were there, he asks Jericho if he was there when production manager
Jordan [Coopersmith] was there & Jericho says no.

Shadows tells Jericho he probably missed
Jordan by 1 day to where Jordan he came when they worked on production, says they
were excited about the new set & playing songs & says on this CD, they’ll bust their
f*****g loads. He says they’ll go out on the
set & destroy live, says they’ve built a crazy
set that fans will enjoy & says if you hate them as a band, you can watch it & say “OK
these guys suck”. Jericho asks on how does
it work because they’ve got a production
designer to where they sit on a stone edge
monument while giving him a photo & saying “I want this on stage”. He asks if the
sky’s the limit to where you’d have to see
what the budget is.

Jericho asks on how they put together a set
& where does it get built, Shadows says there’re companies that help them & says when they did something that I couldn’t hear what it was, that was built by the same
people that built “The Wall” for Roger Waters. He says the company’s known for
sending out stuff to where they’ll either do
carting or paint, says that’s when they sum
it out & says there’s 2 companies that can work with each other but don’t wanna step
on each others toes. He says it’s 1 of those
things when they make a big set to where Jordan tells them “well you guys are gonna
bo broke”, says their response to that is
“OK cool” & says at least they’re doing a cool show.

Shadows says that’s how it goes to when they say “well lets just hope this record’s bigger then the last 1 so we can actually pay for this & if not, whatever it’s gonna be
cool”. He says they have the mindset to where they ain’t worried about it, but about their legacy & what fans see nightly &
says they don’t wanna disappoint them. He
says instead of walking home with some extra bucks in his pockets he’d rather walk
off stage at a festival, knowing that they blew up 5 cans of pyro & says it’s knowing that the show was awesome to where they
played well. He says fans went home with an experience to where it’s like “hey, I wanna start a rock band, I wanna play rock
music, it’s cool”.

Shadows says they always talk about how fans will see them, says you’re an adult to where you’d wondered if fans will go home & talk about it the next day due to it being
that much fun & Jericho both know that they have to spend money to make money.
He says the more you’d put into a show, the
more your reputation’s grows & the more fans show up, says it works out in the back
end & says to look at Kiss & Maiden to where they’re known for it. He says it’s why
they continue to go & it’s why they’ll play stadiums till the day they decide to quit the
career, calls it a smart plan & Shadows says
those guys are in the same reason as they’re doing it.

Shadows says he was that kid watching Metallica & Maiden to where he didn’t care
how much money they made, says he don’t
care what it costs & says he just paid a ticket so they’d blow away his expectations.
He says AS wants to be the band that does it too & not the band that to where it’s like
“OK, it was cool, they were pretty tight, they
did nothing”, Jericho asks if they keep the
“Death Bat” or if they use it again someday
& asks if they take it apart & shipped to the
scrap metal yard. Shadows says it goes to the “land of misfit toys”, then says it’s all in
rotation such as when they go to “Rock In Rio” [RIR]: , they’ll have an old set.

Shadows says all sets are great to where
South America gets the show that they’ve seen in 1 year, says after that the “Death Bat” goes to Europe for the European cycle
& says after that they’ll be in America to where the set’s built. Jericho asks on what
song he’s looking forward to play that’ll crush live from the CD, Shadows says “This
Means War” which’ll be ridiculous live & says there’s lots of groove tracks to where
fans will bang their heads out. He says he’s
excited by being in rehearsals & hearing the
songs to where they’re mixed with old songs, says there’s lots of things to play & says 1 of the things they’re getting to a point to where it’ll be hard on what to play
live nightly.

Shadows says it can be on a cool rotation
where they’ll have enough songs that’re radio songs to where they can build a set with, says they wanna make sure they keep
WTF & other things that’s hardcore & calls it a weird thing to when the bigger the band gets is where you’d see fans complain
online on them playing old stuff. He says when playing old stuff’s when 1/2 the crowd’s like “what’s this?”, calls it a weird
situation to be in & Jericho calls it a good 1
to be in to where he plays “This Means War”.

18.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “This Means

19.Jericho says when getting to the point
where you can’t put all the radio hits in 1 setlist it’s where it’s a great place being in,
Shadows agrees & feels that radio is a bad word to say. He mentions something called
“Active Rock” that lets them play aggressive
songs to when he was growing up, there’s no way that any of their songs would be on radio & says when he was young, he heard
“Welcome To The Jungle” on the radio. He says it’s not really a bad thing if you’re hearing the right station, Jericho says he laughed when hearing “Carry On” on the radio to where it was total ego/fly free/Helloween/AS & says it was #5 on rock
radio charts.

Shadows says it’s funny to where it’s like
Helloween meets video games, Jericho calls
it a cool thing on where they’re at now as a band which’s that they kind of made it to a
point & says it’s where they’ve almost set a
tone on what has become the new trend. He says with their CD they can do what Metallica did 20 years ago by changing the
vibe on rock radio, says it’s a bit stale & boring now to where everyone’s trying to follow the trend & says AS is setting the tone instead of following it to where it’s great. Shadows says he read a recent Mick Jagger interview in Rolling Stone magazine
& seeing on what they’re influenced by such
as blues stuff & the covers they did.

Shadows says they were trying to be a blues band as well as wanting to be a certain band, says when seeing the “Black”
album & how AC/DC influenced that CD as
well as other bands they were influenced by
such as UFO & Maiden to where Maiden’s a
UFO type band. He says you’d hear the influenece on it, hopes that young bands look up to good & cool bands while making
their own band & says that rock radio’s really coping itself. He says it’s OK doing 3 chords while sounding like this guy & singing about a girl because it’s big on the radio now & wishes that fans would look back at bands like Zeppeling & AC/DC to where his own taste won’t be everyone elses.

Shadows says that’s when rock was really exciting to where they put out good stuff,
says it’s all about influences & Jericho on Fozzy’s last CD [S&B] to where there’s no radio songs. He asks on what’s a radio song
to where he asks if System Of A Down’s [SOAD] “Chop Suey” was a radio song when
he 1st heard it or [The Beatles] “Hey Jude” which was 7 minutes long in ’68 was a radio
song. He calls it corporate BS because a radio song’s a good song, calls it something
different & unique that fans get into & again calls radio songs good songs. Shadows says “Chop Suey” was a perfect example because when it came out, it was the great thing ever heard.

Shadows says he has been a SOAD fan since then to where he liked their 1st CD
[“System Of A Down”]: , says when it hit radio on LA’s K-Rock he remembers Gates made a mixed tape from it so he’d play it in the car & says “this is the craziest thing ever, what is this?” to where it was
awesome. Jericho says if you wanna make it
you have to do something different which’s
what he loves on AS’s concept on what they’re doing with HTTK, calls it different from what’s occuring now & says it’s different then what they did in the past. He says it’s still very much AS to where it’s gonna be huge.

Jericho again says the CD’s out 8/27 to where he’s super excited about it, asks on what’s their touring plans & Shadows says
they’ll tour immediately to where they’ll be
at the Palladium on 8/26, then they’ll be at
RIR with Maiden in September after some radio festivals & says after that they’ll be with other bands in September & October.
He says after that they’ll be with Device & 5
Finger Death Punch to where it’s gonna be
nonstop, Jericho says AS will tour for 2 years to where they deserve it because everyone wants to hear them & thanks Shadows for being on the show. He calls it a
great way ending off the show with not only a big rock star, but a good friend too.

Jericho tells him he appreciates it, Shadows
says you’re welcome to where he’s happy being on the show & feels both will hang out a lot. Jericho says he’s looking forward to it, tells Shadows to return to rehearsal
while playing video games & tells him to get
his video game trunk ready to where it’s more important then the stage show. Shadows says it’s important for his sanity,
Jericho again thanks him to where he’ll talk
to him soon, Shadows says he’ll see him later & Jericho takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces himself, again thanks Shadows for being on the show to where he again calls him his friend & calls him a cool guy. He says their CD smokes to where you’ll love it, says he loves all the songs on it & calls them a different & bigger AS in his opinion. He says he has reached the last song in ROJ history, says “last song” 3 times
& asks on how appropriate is it to play the
last song that The Beatles recorded. He says
since they’re his favorites as well as the favorite band of other ROJ guests, he’ll play
“Abbey Road Medley” that starts from “You
Never Give Me Money” to “The End”.

Jericho again calls that appropriate because
it is “the end”, asks if you get it & says “and in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take”. He then asks if it’s something different, says it don’t matter &
then plays the song.

20.Plays The Beatles’ “Abbey Road Medley”:
[“You Never Give Me Money”/”Sun King”/”Mean Mr. Mustard”/”Polythene Pam”/”She Came In Through The Bathroom
Window”/”Golden Slumbers”/”Carry That
Weight”/”The End”].

21.Jericho asks on what you’d thought of the “Abbey Road Medley”, then says “in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make” to where that says it all for the show & thanks fans for hearing all 97 shows. He thanks Nikki Sixx & Sixx Sense for giving him the opportunity & other people he has worked with in the last 2 years which’re “Lori Cremy”, Justin Michael & “Steven Carthy” who’s his amazing producer. He again thanks fans that hears
the show to where it was lots of fun, says it
wasn’t just to play songs to help you learn about new bands but to get a chance to talk
to some great people & says weekly he becomes a music fan.

Jericho calls this more fun for himself to do
then it was for you to hear, says he appreciates it to where he’ll see you & then
plugs & . He again plugs his rockofjerichoxm Twitter if you still
wanna tweet him once in a while on there,
says he is & always was your faithful host &
says to stay cool, hungry & heavy. He says God bless, says he’ll see you again sometime & says good night to where the final episode of the show ends at 7:24 PM.

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