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Former WWE Official Discusses The Importance Of Music In Wrestling

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Former WWE Official Wes Adams has posted a new column at, discussing the importance of music in wrestling. Adams analyzes WWE, WCW, ECW and indy theme music, writing on the differences between the styles. Here is an extract from “Official’s View with Wes Adams:”

“While I was driving today and going through my cd collection I came across WWE Anthology Vol. 2: The Attitude Era and popped it in. As I was listening, I got to thinking about the importance of music in the wrestling business. More specifically, the importance of ENTRANCE MUSIC to the wrestling business, and the importance of having GOOD or GREAT entrance music and the effect it can have on a wrestler’s pop (or lack thereof). But what’s the criterion for that? Everybody has their own opinion on what’s good or bad as far as music goes. But I would think that we could all agree on these three things: 1. the song has to have a good opening riff (10-20 seconds) to give a good buildup for the soon to be popping out of the curtain wrestler. 2. the song needs fit the wrestlers gimmick and (most importantly) 3. the song just has to NOT SUCK. Wrestling themes can be so epically good (Ultimate Warrior’s Unstable), epically bad (Billy/Chuck “Yoooouuuu looooook sooooooooo…….goooood to me”) or so bad that they’re good (William Regal’s Real Man’s Man).”

You can read “Officials View with Wes Adams” in its entirety at this link.

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