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Diva of the day – Mickie James

mickie james

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9 Responses

  1. Adurka Durk says:

    Am i missing something?
    No one cares about her.
    And she’s not a great singer.
    Like brooke really.

    Probably one of tna’s “draws”.
    Or maybe im wrong.
    Really debatable.
    No reason to argue, i guess.

  2. MrFury559 says:

    I really like Mickie James, but I really think she’s better in a feud or an angle; nobody seems to have any ideas.
    All inappropriate euphemisms aside, I’d love to see her work in a good angle/storyline again:)

  3. Really? says:

    Good choice. Mickie’s pretty badass.

    As for storylines, I think it was pretty clear they were going to have her feud with Taryn. Now they need a backup plan, and there aren’t many Knockouts left at the moment.

  4. Guran_K says:

    @Adurka Durk: “No one cares about her”. Hmm, wait. I DO care. Your comment is invalid. And you’ve never even listened to her album, what gives you the right to say she’s a bad singer. Her songs are actually pretty catchy.

  5. Sinister says:

    to hell with caring, I’m keeping this picture for umm, educational purposes, yeah, educational

  6. JiccJixx says:

    omfg so hot!!!!!!

  7. BEVD says:

    That is one GOOOOOOOOD pic of her. Hawt damnnnnnn

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