Spoilers: WWE Smackdown TV taping

Aug 21, 2013 - by Steve Likoski


SmackDown opened with a recap of SummerSlam and RAW.

Vickie Guerrero came out to open the show. She introduced WWE Champion Randy Orton. Randy Orton talked about giving the fans what they wanted at SummerSlam. He also said he was surprised what Triple H did at SummerSlam, and that he didn’t need his help to win . Randy asked for the support of the fans. He then talked about how he is the face of the WWE, but then he was interrupted by Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan thanked John Cena for the opportunity at SummerSlam, he also said it’s time for the face of the WWE to change. Bryan then insulted how Randy Orton looks. He also called Randy Orton arrogant. Daniel then challenged Randy for the WWE championship. Randy said Daniel Bryan has to wait until Night Of Champions. Orton and Bryan stood face to face and Orton held up the title. Bryan attacked Orton as he escaped the ring.

Vickie Guerrero was furious backstage, Wade Barrett approached her, and then a steel cage match was announced for later in the show.

1) Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) defeated Cody Rhodes

After the match, Paul Heyman took to the mic and got instant heat from the crowd. Heyman mentioned he is in pain because of CM Punk. He bitched and moaned about Punk some more, and then Heyman set up a match between Punk and Curtis for the Intercontinental Championship for the next Monday’s RAW.

2) Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E Langston (w/ WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee)

3) World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian

Alberto Del Rio won via submission. He then grabbed the mic and said how good he is, how great the Latinos are, which got him cheers, then he said everyone is a peasant. Then he said everyone should follow the great Alberto Del Rio.

Ricardo Rodriquez then came out, and trash talked him before introducing Rob Van Dam. To end the segment, Christian dropkicked Alberto off the top rope, then RVD hit the frog splash.

4) Mark Henry and Big Show defeated Heath Slater, Jindar Mahal and Drew McIntyre

5) Darren Young defeated Antonio Cesaro

6) Steel Cage Match: Daniel Bryan defeated Wade Barrett

After the match, Randy Orton came in and gave Daniel Bryan the RKO to end the show.

Full credit for the spoilers go to Taylor Gombos and ProWrestling.net.

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